What is Robles-Patron Promotions?

Robles Patron Promotions
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For the past few weeks, Alberto El Patron has been promoting through social media the return of the Mexican wrestling promotion Nacion Lucha Libre while at the same time hyping his return to the ring in just a couple of weeks as part of events in the Texas area. They also happen to include former WWE superstars like the former Sin Cara, now Cinta de Oro, Andrade El Ídolo, Carlito Colon, among others. What’s interesting about this is how El Patron also happened to mention that he is heavily involved in the actual business side of both the newly revived Nación Lucha Libre and some other independent shows across the south of the U.S run by “Robles-Patron Promotions.”

Just a week ago, a press conference was held to announce the first event held in Mexico by Robles-Patron promotions on August 26th at the Mexico City Pepsi Center. During this press conference, it was mentioned how medical care for all their contracted wrestlers would be a priority for Robles-Patron and how freedom and flexibility in contract negotiations would also be offered while working there.

With this in mind and considering the recent failure of Federacion Wrestling and the current lack of competition to CMLL and AAA, could this new venture be what Mexican Lucha Libre didn’t know it needed?

What is Nacion Lucha Libre?

Nación Lucha Libre was a short-lived professional wrestling promotion based in Mexico rumored to be owned and managed by Alberto El Patron and Chavo Guerrero Jr. that operated and ran televised shows from August to November 2019 before a shutdown announcement in January 2020.

One of Nacion’s biggest selling points was the fact that from the very beginning of the promotion they were airing their shows on the three public access networks on Mexican TV to not air wrestling shows at the time which immediately gathered an audience who was looking for a different product from AAA and CMLL.

The company shut down a few months before the pandemic would have forced them to, as a result of their talent not being able to fulfill their appearances due to commitments with other promotions and the remaining wrestlers on the roster not being seen as big enough stars to retain the TV and advertisement deals. Now, after almost two years from their inception, Alberto El Patron has decided to partner up with Fernando Robles, an unknown promoter from the Texas area, to bring the concept of the Nación Lucha Libre promotion back to life with a refreshed roster that keeps the foundation of their original roster.

What does this mean moving forward?

For years, fans in Mexico have grown accustomed to either seeing the biggest stars in the country leave and try their luck in the much more profitable pro wrestling market in the U.S. or grow stale over several years doing the exact same matches against the exact same opponents. As we know, competition is always good in the wrestling business as it broadens opportunities for fans and wrestlers to respectively watch and work in as many places as possible. Falling out of what has been a terrible year for all fronts, we are getting close to the year and a half mark for wrestling shows with no audience — in Mexico that basically meant no wrestling for 18 months.

Now that the country, and the world really, opens up more and more this is the perfect chance Alberto El Patron was probably waiting for, as demand for any wrestling product is sky high and the renewed TV deal with Imágen Televisión and the roster additions of well-known stars such as Andrade, Cinta de Oro, and seemingly deflecting stars from the established AAA such as Texano Jr., Averno, and Máximo sure make it seem like Nación Lucha Libre has everything necessary to make some noise in the next couple of months.

Finally, it is also important to keep in mind that Alberto has also been very vocal about wanting to work specifically with AAA to allow wrestlers to work shows for both promotions as this was Nación’s original big downfall and there is no guarantee now that AAA wrestlers won’t no-show in favor of AAA or that international stars such as Andrade or Carlito won’t favor bookings abroad.

Either way, Nación has a roster, a first match card, and a TV deal attractive enough to make the fans at the very least take notice of what they may have up their sleeve as they might, just might, create a much-needed revolution in Mexican Lucha Libre.

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