Preview: Invictus Wrestling – Let Them Fight: Rising Star Showcase (7/23/21)

Rising Star Showcase poster

Coming off a simply stellar show in “Empire Rising”, with a main event that featured AJ Gray taking on Jacob Fatu (replay now available on IWTV), Invictus Wrestling returns on Friday, July 23, 2021 with “Let Them Fight: Rising Star Showcase”. This is not going to be the typical Invictus Wrestling show as tickets are limited so it would seem to be a more intimate setting and as the name suggests it is more about the up-and-coming names in professional wrestling than the established independent stars.

The Building Fund (Brother Greatness & Angelo Carter) vs SIN (JS Hawthorne & Andry Paulino) has been announced for this show.

Dennis Morgan vs Max Zero

The first match announced for “Let Them Fight” puts “Danger Hawk” Dennis Morgan against Max Zero. Perhaps two of the best-known wrestlers on the card, both have competed in Invictus Wrestling before but they have also come up on the losing end so with this match it would feel like they, more than anyone else, really have something to prove. Whoever can score that oh-so-important victory could be on their way to championship gold.

InZanely Rude vs Art Of War

In tag team action InZanely Rude will do battle with Art of War. InZanely Rude is a tag team that has been around the area (specifically making a name for themselves in NEW) but has yet to compete in Invictus Wrestling. Jason Andrews, one half of Art of War, has previously been in Invictus Wrestling but this time he is bringing his tag team partner A.K. Willis along with him. This match shouldn’t be about feuds or “good guys vs bad guys” but just a grand display of athleticism and fun

Invictus Women’s Championship: Vicious Vicki (c) vs Abby Jane

Though Invictus Women’s Champion Vivacious Vicious Vicki was scheduled to defend her title on this show against Kaia McKenna, injury has removed Kaia McKenna from this match. While hoping that Kaia McKenna heals up soon, Abby Jane has already been announced as her replacement which is an exciting switch.  Jane has recently been making a name for herself in promotions like Camp Leapfrog and poses a big challenge for Vicki.

Gio Galvano vs Aaron Rourke

The co-main event of “Let Them Fight” is slated to be Gio Galvano vs Aaron Rourke. Aaron Rourke has been part of promotions such as AEW, Beyond Wrestling, Chaotic Wrestling, and Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling and makes his Invictus Wrestling debut here. Gio Galvano is a current titleholder in Global Syndicate Wrestling and has been a staple in Invictus Wrestling. A win over Gio Galvano would be huge for anyone at this point, but if there is someone capable of pulling it off that would be Aaron O’Rourke.

Rising Stars Rumble

Staying true to the idea of the future of wrestling, there is also a Rising Stars Rumble scheduled with fifteen competitors in total and the winner receiving a title shot. Announced thus far to compete in the RSR are: Pancakes, Clipper Jones, Abby Jane, PJ Savage, El Trabajador, and Phil Cardigan. What makes this match so interesting is that everyone in it seems to be on an even playing field. Someone like PJ Savage could be thought of as the favorite to win it but that might just make everyone else want to gang up and eliminate him as soon as possible.

There are also still the wildcard factors of names being brought into the RSR but not yet announced. Having that mystery makes it much more fun and unpredictable which is why deciding who could win it seems so much more difficult. Phil Cardigan could pick up the win and go for tag team gold with Aaron O’Rourke, which would really be interesting considering Phil Cardigan has been having issues with Even Stevens.

The Rising Star Rumble also boasts a title shot but it doesn’t say who it will be against. Perhaps Pancakes could secure a match against Big Game Leroy for the Social Media Championship. Maybe PJ Savage gets a friend and challenges for the Tag Team Championship. Abby Jane or another woman could win and challenge Vicki for the Women’s Championship. There are so many options that it just makes the whole concept that much more exciting.

Through an amazing cooking video which should be viewed on Twitter, it was announced that ABBS would be on this show and “Mucho” Chris Moljo is also scheduled to appear to talk but also more likely just be booed. Surprises are to be expected and this should be a memorable night of professional wrestling. While it is nice to view a wrestling show where everyone on the card is familiar, that element of not knowing and finding new faces to cheer or boo is part of what keeps this all going.

Invictus Wrestling “Let Them Fight: Rising Star Showcase” takes place on Friday, July 23, 2021 at Grace Hall in Ossining, NY. Limited tickets are available so email [email protected] if interested in attending.