Exclusive Interview With Independent Wrestler Pancakes

Pancakes in the Tag Camp tournament

When watching Abby Jane, another wrestler caught our eye, this wrestler goes by the simple name Pancakes. That is right Pancakes, with less than 2 years of experience in the wrestling business Pancakes is still well-traveled having already wrestled for Camp Leapfrog, Pizza Party Wrestling, and Paradigm Pro Wrestling.

Pancakes is unique, his look is unique, his name is unique, and his character is unique. To be fair that is something we have come to expect from students trained by Mike Quackenbush, Sonny Defarge, and Cheeseburger. At 23 his career is still in its infancy, and he will have time to further develop as a wrestler. His ring name is something that could hold him back but at the same time he seems like someone who could go beyond his name and the name “Pancakes” could be synonymous with “Great indie wrestler”. Take for example the former Spanky, now known as The Brian Kendrick. Our own Frank Burford was able to ask Pancakes some questions about his career and goals. These are his answers:

Frank: What made you love wrestling?
Pancakes: I think what made me love wrestling the most is probably how unique the storytelling is in wrestling because there genuinely is nothing like it and when it’s done well it’s the coolest thing ever

Frank: What wrestling do you currently watch?
Pancakes: Right now I mostly watch all the weekly major wrestling promotions, with a mix of whatever Indy stuff I can find, or I hear about, I’ll watch most Beyond and Limitless shows. I also pretty regularly go back and watch older super junior stuff and old World Of Sport stuff as well.

Frank: What inspired your ring name?
Pancakes: Honestly it’s a nickname I got in training, and it sorta just stuck and I figured I might as well run with it since so many people already know me as pancakes

Frank: Who trained you and where?
Pancakes: I trained mostly at the CHIKARA wrestle factory under Quack, Fire Ant, Drew Gulak, and Hallowicked then I went and trained with Jon Gresham for a couple months in Maryland and now I train primarily under World Famous CB at the Worldwide dojo.

Frank: Would you have liked to wrestle in CHIKARA?
Pancakes: Honestly it was my biggest dream and like the thing I wanted most since I was 13 and I was set to debut literally the show right before everything shut down and even though I couldn’t I think a lot of good has come from it like the people I met and the friends I made.

Frank: So currently where would you consider your wrestling home and any dream opponents?
Pancakes: I consider my home promotion Camp Leapfrog and Pizza Party Wrestling, both have been really really good and helped me grow a ton! In terms of dream opponents, I really wanna wrestle Lee Moriarty, Sonny Defarge, Eel O’Neal oh and Roman Reigns I’m gonna wrestle Roman Reigns one day.

Frank: What’s your future goals for wrestling?
I think the biggest one is to make a living in wrestling any way I can, I wanna do as much as I can and wrestle as many places as I can and then eventually I would love to help train people one day, and maybe one day even be signed to a major promotion, those are the big ones at least.

Frank: Is there anything you like to promote?
Pancakes: Yeah thanks so much this was a lot of fun! Look forward to Camp Leapfrog’s Tag Camp Grand Prix on 7/27, Pizza Party is hosting their first live show back with fans on 8/7 and then on 8/8 Abby Jane’s birthday show Thank you!

Firstly, thank you Pancakes for an interesting interview. Secondly, this interview is a testament to every wrestler who wrestled through the pandemic especially those whose training was interrupted, or home promotion closed. Pancakes will breakthrough, and it will be a pleasure to see it.

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