Interview With Rising Independent Star Abby Jane

Abby Jane 21st Extravaganza

We have only just recently come across Abby Jane when watching the delightful Camp Leapfrog: KillianVision show, where she left a very big mark. Even though she was in a short and succinct 3 on 3 match, and she took the pin it was easy to see she is a very fun wrestler and someone who always looks to push herself. Standing in at 5 foot 2, Abby is not tall, and being just 20 years old she has not had decades of experience but even then, you can see she is years ahead of her age. Her career starting in High Tension Wrestling and being trained by various wrestlers such as Travis Huckabee and Sonny Defarge, the legacy of CHIKARA lives on in those trained by those trained in Chikara. If CHIKARA was still around Abby Jane would have been the perfect fit for the promotion especially with the introduction of its weekly show Action Arcade Wrestling. Our own Frank Burford was lucky enough to talk with Abby Jane and ask her a few questions about her career, here is what she had to say.

Abby Jane Interview

Frank: So, what got you into wrestling and why did you want to become a wrestler?
Abby: I got into wrestling around WrestleMania 30 when they released the WWE Network. I just loved watching old wrestling, new wrestling, anything I could, and there was just something about wrestling storytelling that just captivated me. At the time I was super invested in Dean Ambrose’s hatred of Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan’s rise to the main event, and Brie Bella/Stephanie McMahon. I still was not sure I wanted to be a wrestler myself until I watched Bayley vs Sasha Banks in 2015 when I knew that wrestling was something I NEEDED to do and was possible for me.

Frank: What wrestling do you currently watch?
Abby: As for the wrestling I watch now, it is mostly any wrestling I can catch! I keep up with major promotions like WWE and AEW whenever I can, any independent promotions I can keep an eye on, and what my friends are doing, wherever they are!

Frank: Who are your dream opponents on the Indies and fantasy booking?
Abby: Ooh, I have so many dream opponents. I know people like putting out lists of their dream matches on Twitter every once in a while, but I kinda just want to wrestle everybody. However, I definitely want to make sure I get in the ring at least once with some of my favorite women on the indies right now, like Billie Starkz, Willow Nightingale, and Kylie Rae!

Frank: And what best describes your wrestling style?
Abby: I like to think of myself as someone who likes to do a little bit of everything! I love learning about every style I can and using it in my matches, but I tend to lean towards a lot of lucha and high flying for sure!

Frank: Unfortunately, CHIKARA shut down before you could wrestle there, but when watching camp leapfrog I found many similarities between the two, would you agree and also would have wanted to wrestle in Chikara?
Abby: For sure Camp Leapfrog has become a home for many of the same wrestlers that used to frequent CHIKARA, and I believe that, at least speaking just for me, I’ve tried to take the best of what CHIKARA was and brought it to Leapfrog to continue it under a new legacy. Wrestling in CHIKARA was one of my dreams but even though it can’t happen anymore, I’ve still done so many things I’ve dreamed of and more!

Frank: Who’s idea was it to have your birthday being a show?
Abby: So, first it was Kris Levin’s idea to have a Leapfrog event for my 21st birthday. I was given the opportunity to help create the matches and invite people to the show which has been so much fun even if a little stressful, and I just can’t wait until everyone gets to see the final product on August 8th!

Frank: And was it your idea of inviting Ultramantis Black (UMB)?
Abby: Yes, UMB was one of the names we thought would be so amazing to invite and I can’t believe he’s coming! So many people have enjoyed the announcement and it makes me so happy that you had a good time fantasy booking it, haha. I’m excited myself to see what he’ll get up to!

Frank: Lastly any goals for the wrestling career?
Abby: Right now, my top priority is making sure my 21st Birthday Extravaganza goes well and finalizing fun, exciting matches for the show that everyone will enjoy! But of course, winning the Leapfrog Championship is always in the back of my mind. And these new Campeonatos de Ranas that are being introduced at the Tag Camp Grand Prix were for sure a goal of mine as soon as they were announced! I also want to get out and wrestle in more states. Maybe I can take a visit to New England or to the South sometime in the future, fingers crossed!

As you have just read, Abby Jane has very big goals, and we’re sure with time she will achieve them. Her 21st Birthday Extravaganza is on August 8, and it’s sure to be a show you cannot miss.

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