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Review: Global Syndicate Wrestling – GSW Catalyst (5/22/21)

GSW Catalyst Allysin Kay Hyan

At last week’s Global Syndicate Wrestling‘s second major show of 2021, we saw a great card with all matches being different from one another. There was a solid flow to the card, featuring a mixture of everything one would expect from a wrestling show. Last Word On Pro Wrestling is here to cover all the matches and stories from last night’s GSW Catalyst. Here’s what to know.

Pre-Show Match: Traxx (w/Jared Silberkleit) vs. Smiley

Prior to the main show, we were introduced to the GSW Catalyst pre-show match starting off with Traxx and his wealthy manager, Jared Silberkleit. The latter told the audience about his Trust-Fund. Smiley entered the ring before the match began. It seemed that a win was certain for Traxx. However, it wasn’t until Smiley caught Traxx with a Lou Thesz press that the match swung in the former’s favor. The end result was Smiley winning the match with a 450 Splash. After the match, Silberkleit tried attacking Smiley but failed as he received a hanging piledriver from the second rope.

GSW Women’s Championship Tournament Round 1 Match: Allysin Kay vs. Hyan

The GSW Catalyst main show with a match that set the standard for the night as Hyan faced off against the world-traveled seasoned veteran, Allysin Kay. They battled in the first round of the GSW Women’s Championship Tournament. The match began with great mat-based wrestling and crescendoed to one of the most hard-hitting matches of the entire night. Kay got the victory via submission to advance in the tournament. After the match, a brutal beatdown took place when Masha Slamovich attacked Hyan, who was previously cheered for her effort in this hard-fought match. Slamovich continued to pummel Hyan toward the entrance stage and spiked her head on the stage with a hook piledriver. Slamovich left the building shortly after, leaving an injured Hyan to the EMTs to tend to her. No update was provided regarding Hyan’s health status.

Dream Open Heavyweight Championship: Tyson Maddux vs. Donovan vs. Wrecking Ball Legursky vs. Richard Holliday 

GSW gold was on the line in the next matchup. This was a 4-way match between Tyson Maddux, “The Brooklyn Outlaw” Donovan, Wrecking Ball Legursky, and Richard Holliday. Donovan started off the match taunting all the challengers and getting struck by Legursky after slapping him. This was followed by Holliday trying to talk Legursky into taking out Maddux. Legursky did not have any of it and clotheslined Holliday for his troubles. The two big men were left in the ring in the proverbial immovable object vs. the irresistible force. Legursky, being the massive monster he is, got the better of Maddux.

What seemed to be a two-on-one match with Holliday and Donovan attacking Legursky saw Maddux take Legursky off his feet with a devastating spear. The match was full of non-stop action with hungry participants. However, it it was Wrecking Ball Legursky who came out the hungriest and was crowned the first GSW Dream Open Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Legursky cut a promo regarding his career and how the title was the platform that the world will recognize him in. Legursky stated that the world would find out who he is and fall to him.

GSW Women’s Championship Tournament Round 1 Match: Vicious Vicki vs. Holidead

Up next, the vivacious Vicious Vicki took on the intimidating Holidead in the second first-round match of the GSW Women’s Championship Tournament. Holidead, having the power advantage, dominated the match as she beat Vicki from pillar to post to the outside of the ring throughout the majority of the match. In what was considered the upset of the night, Vicki emerged the victor after pulling the trunks of Holidead for the pin and the win. Holidead, shocked following her loss, chased after Vicki, who sped towards the back. Vicki advances to the quarter-finals of the GSW Women’s Championship Tournament.

Austin Aries & Ricky Reyes vs. Gio Galvano & Supa Nitro

In this GSW Catalyst tag team match, the story was the veterans taking on their younger foes. Former Lucha Underground fighter Ricky Reyes teamed with the legendary Austin Aries to take on the team of Gio Galvano, the current Gen-X Champion, and Supa Nitro. The match had great back-and-forth from both teams, but Galvano and Nitro came up short against the veterans. After the match, Galvano got on the mic to talk to Aries, wanting to get under the learning tree. Aries, ever the great talker, talked about tuition needing to be paid if Galvano wanted to go to school and learn from Aries. The tuition, however, would come in the form of the Gen-X Title; Aries challenged Galvano to put the title on the line. Galvano has yet to accept the challenge.

Davey Richards Promo

The special guest of the evening, Davey Richards, who recently announced his return to pro wrestling, came out to the ring. Richards stated that he was more about wrestling than talking about wrestling. He posed a challenge to anyone in the GSW locker room or anywhere else in the world, naming potential challengers such as Austin Aries, Alex Hammerstone, Chris Dickinson, and even Eddie Edwards. Richards said that whoever shows up, “The American Wolf” would be waiting for his opponent. Whoever the challenger is would face Richards at GSW’s next show on August 21 in Asbury, New Jersey.

GSW Women’s Championship Tournament Round 1 Match: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordan Blade

In the third match of the GSW Women’s Championship Tournament, “The Submission Spider,” Jordan Blade took on the current IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion, “The Virtuosa.” Deonna Purrazzo. This proved to be another great mat-based wrestling match. Their styles meshed well as each competitor attempted to get the best of one another to make the other submit first. However, Purrazzo made short work of Blade, ending the match with a double Fujiwara armbar to advance to the quarter-final round of the tournament. Purrazzo will face Vicious Vicki on the next GSW show in August.

Jacob Fatu vs. Matt Cross

The next GSW Catalyst match featured the current MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Fatu, taking one of the most agile wrestlers in the world in Matt Cross. “M-Dogg” took the challenge after Michael Elgin, who was Fatu’s original opponent, was not medically cleared to compete. Fatu, always full of fire and absolute aggression, dominated the match. While Cross looked to have the upper hand at times, Fatu convincingly came out the victor.

GSW Women’s Championship Tournament Round 1 Match: Kimber Lee vs. Trish Adora

In the final first-round match-up, and one of the hardest-hitting of the tournament, Kimber Lee took on Trish Adora. This match featured ample striking from both women. Lee took the majority of this match with some of the hardest chops of the entire night. She pounded Adora to the mat, administering punishment and utter violence. Adora, showing ample resilience, was able to overcome the onslaught from Lee throughout the match. Adora squeezed out the win to advance to the quarter-finals of the tournament. She will face Allysin Kay in the quarter-finals on the next GSW show in August.

GSW World Heavyweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Chris Dickinson

The GSW Catalyst main event featured the current and defending GSW World Heavyweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone, facing one of the most dangerous men in professional wrestling, “Dirty” Chris Dickinson. Hammerstone, with one of the best physiques in the business, was the more powerful competitor of the two. However, that would not matter to Dickinson, as he worked the leg of Hammerstone throughout the entirety of the match. He nearly defeated Hammerstone several times in the match. At one point, both opponents fought on the entrance ramp, with Dickinson getting the advantage by focusing on the leg. The end of the match saw Hammerstone winning, retaining after a rollup pin on Dickinson.

Hammerstone, with virtually one leg and all, was brutally attacked by three men who turned out to be “Big Trouble” Ben Bishop, Mucho Chris Moljo, and the former member of WWE‘s Forgotten Sons, Steve Maclin. The three jumped Hammerstone and left him nearly lifeless. Maclin would grab the microphone, challenging Hammerstone for the GSW World Heavyweight Championship. The three men exited the ring soon after.

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