WWE Raw Card (7/19/21): John Cena Kicks Off The Night

John Cena WWE Raw Card

Money in the Bank has the world talking as WWE continues to give great performance after great performance since Friday with the return of crowds. Monday night should be the ultimate test, however. Raw has consistently been the show having a difficult time in the ratings. If fans around the globe are still intrigued then Monday’s WWE Raw card should have a successful night to make everyone interested. With only one segment announced thus far, it’s one that should start off the night in a grand fashion. Here’s the WWE Raw card for Monday.

John Cena Kicks Off Raw To Explain His Actions

Dallas is in for a treat to kick off their Raw on Monday as John Cena revealed that he will be the one to start the show. As the world is buzzing over the return of Cena, he will give insight as to why he has finally returned to the WWE for the first time in over a year. It almost felt too right to have Cena come back on the first weekend of fans being back. The crowd not only showed how much they missed him but Cena showed the sentiment right back. What’s most interesting of all this is Cena clearly wants Roman Reigns if the ending of Money in the Bank is to be believed, so what Cena should say to kick off Raw will certainly have the world listening. It’s an exciting time as this kicks off the build to SummerSlam.

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