An Interview with Hallowicked: One of The Most Loyal Wrestlers on the Indies

Hallowicked CHIKARA
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Hallowicked debuted in 2002 with CHIKARA and still wrestled until its closure. That’s 18 years with one company as his home. When you first look at Hallowicked’s debut match as he and Ichabod Slayne (Icarus) tagged against Love Bug and Marshall Law, you would think what a weird and stupid look but then his talent shone through. His look went from weird and silly to cool and some would say bad-ss. Wearing primarily black with either orange or green decal, this man can wrestle fast, he can wrestle slow. He can wrestle a drama or a comedy. Hallowicked is multifaceted as he can make you hate him and love him in the same match. He is the only person to win the Grand Championship at CHIKARA twice. He has also won the Campeonatos de Parejas and the Young Lions Cup as well. This man has won it all.

Last Word on Pro Wrestling was able to contact Hallowicked ask him a few questions, and this is what he had to say:

Frank: I have just watched your debut match – you and Ichabod Slayne Vs Love Bug & Marshall Law – how did you feel before this match and looking back were you happy with your debut match?
Hallowicked: Nervous because it was our first time in front of a live audience, but we were also ready to try to prove ourselves against two opponents who were much larger and more experienced than us. Marshall and Love Bug were the first wrestlers Icarus (Ichabod at the time) and I had met before we started training. They were the guys who told us there was a wrestling school within driving distance and invited us to come check it out. So, they were opponents we had history with going into the match.
I wasn’t happy with the result because they beat us, but I learned lessons that you can’t learn in training. I think Icarus also slipped off my back trying to do the Hardy Boyz corner attack so I wouldn’t mind having that part back.

Frank: Looking back at CHIKARA, what is your greatest memory or achievement?
Hallowicked: Being the only two-time CHIKARA Grand Champion was far and away the greatest thing I achieved there. The few minutes myself, Frightmare, and Ultramantis Black spent in the ring together after winning King of Trios in 2012 is a memory I will keep with me until the day I die.

Frank: Why did you want to wear a mask?
Hallowicked: The anonymity of being under a mask is something I wouldn’t want to ever be without. Also, if you saw my actual face you would instantly understand why it needs to be covered.

Frank: How did you feel about CHIKARA shutting down?
Hallowicked: Terrible obviously. CHIKARA is a place I put 18 years’ worth of my life into. The shows are the thing that are seen on a surface level, but there is so much more than those few hours every few weeks that were poured into the company. CHIKARA is where I was supposed to have my last match and then it’s gone one day.

Frank: Any wrestling idols?
Hallowicked: Bret Hart. He is the embodiment of what a wrestler should be. A workhorse, a professional, and an entertainer in one. A guy who elevated his opponents just by being in the ring with him.

Frank: Any future dream opponents?
Hallowicked: Johnathan Gresham, Zack Sabre Jr., and AR Fox. Don’t get me wrong, If you are a wrestler and we have not wrestled, I want to wrestle you. These three I’ve been on shows with for years but have never gone up against.

Frank: Future goals and dreams?
Hallowicked: I’m not a planner, so no not really. I want to show up in weird places I’ve never been before and win every match I’m in until my body can’t go anymore. When that happens I’ll retire instead of subjecting paying fans to my shambling corpse trying to pretend I can still go.

Frank: Anything you would like to promote?
Hallowicked: The Arcade Of Terror is my YouTube channel ( I’m doing some weird stuff on there that I don’t believe anyone else is doing. I’m trying to grow that channel, so I have something to do once I become that aforementioned shambling corpse. If you are reading this, please subscribe.

First off, thank you Hallowicked for taking time out to answer these questions, it means a lot. Secondly, Hallowicked is probably one of the most loyal wrestlers on the independents. He seems to understand the value of loyalty and understands life beyond wrestling with his new YouTube channel. He does not get enough credit for his influence on the business and here hoping he succeeds in his future endeavors.

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