Parker Boudreaux Continues to Tease NXT Debut

Parker Boudreaux with The Game
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Parker Boudreaux – affectionately dubbed “Baby Brock” for his aesthetic similarities with Brock Lesnar – continues to tease his NXT debut. In a relatively cryptic Tweet, he uploaded a picture of himself, alongside NXT Kingpin, Triple H, with the caption “It’s time to play the game”. Of course, the iconic Triple H selfie typically indicates something NXT related. Whether this means he is to debut soon remains to be seen – he could have been in the middle of a bonding session with Triple H over a mutual, shared passion for Motorhead. One thing is certain: Parker has a future within the company and as a long-time prospect of the WWE, big things are coming. In February of this year, he was officially announced as a new recruit to the WWE Performance Center.

What We Know About Parker Boudreaux

Parker Boudreaux
Credit Twitter Handle: @ParkerBoudreaux

Despite Parker being one of the more talked about WWE prodigies in recent years, we don’t know a great deal about him as a wrestler. What we do know is that he is a gifted athlete, particularly versed in the field of football – which he played in college as an offensive linesman. Standing at 6ft4 and coming on the scales at around 300 lbs, it is no surprise that WWE took an early interest in the young talent. However, Dave Meltzer recently claimed in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Boudreaux was not named among the young developmental talents who are particularly shining.

“People are heavily praising the potential of the “real athletes” in camp right now.

All were praised for how well they were picking things up, conditioning and attitude. Parker Boudreaux, who has a lot of attention due to his similarities physically with Brock Lesnar, was distinctly not mentioned as being in the same category as the others.”

Whether this means Boudreaux is still some ways off a promotion to NXT remains to be seen. After all, for a young talent to make his in-ring debut on such a big stage and so early into his development is very rare. Brock Lesnar is one such talent who did so but despite the comparisons between Boudreaux and Lesnar, Lesnar was an NCAA Heavyweight Champion – his amateur wrestling background already providing him with the blueprint to succeed in pro wrestling. Boudreaux will need time to develop and only then, when he is ready, shall he be called up. If he proves to be as gifted in the ring as scouts have claimed he can be, then the WWE will be onto something.

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