WWE Raw Card: Night After WrestleMania Brings Many Surprises (4/12/21)

WWE audience has evolved

Following WrestleMania 37, the excitement very well could be at the highest it’s been in years. And that means that the biggest Raw episode of the year is here as well — Raw After Mania. A night that has taken on a life of itself and has become a guaranteed night of surprises that has fans on their feet. While fans will not be in attendance and it will be a return to the ThunderDome, the anticipation will not falter. Here’s a speculative preview of the WWE Raw card for the special Raw After Mania as there should be plenty to expect on a crazy night.

WWE Raw Card: Not Announced But Expected

Drew McIntyre Speaks After WrestleMania Loss to Bobby Lashley

Drew McIntyre WWE Raw card

Drew McIntyre went into WrestleMania for the second year in a row as the challenger for the WWE Championship. However, this year was not as successful as last. He came up short, failing to win the championship by passing out to Bobby Lashley‘s Hurt Lock in the middle of the ring. One has to expect some grief and sadness from McIntyre, as with the fans in attendance, he wasn’t able to have his moment. While it has not been made official, expect to hear McIntyre on Raw tonight to discuss his shortcomings.

What is Going on Between Alexa Bliss & “The Fiend”?

Alexa Bliss WWE Raw card

Last night, Alexa Bliss appeared as this dark princess, Sister Abigail-like character for the first time ever and it seemingly put “The Fiend” into a trance. So much so that it allowed Randy Orton to RKO “The Fiend” and escape with the win. There are many questions to be answered regarding this as no one knows what is going on, but Raw should at least give some context at the very least.

Rhea Ripley’s First Night as Raw Women’s Champion

Rhea Ripley Raw Women's Champion

On WrestleMania Sunday, Rhea Ripley captured the Raw Women’s Championship by defeating Asuka in the middle of the ring. Raw After Mania will be her first official night as champion, so you have to figure someone will be ready to step up to Ripley — whether it be Asuka, someone new, or someone returning. It should be a special night for Ripley either way.

Raw After Mania Festivities — Debuts, Returns, and More

Dolph Ziggler cash-in Raw After Mania

Raw After Mania always brings excitement for fans around the world. There have been a number of memorable moments from the return of Brock Lesnar, the cash-in of Dolph Ziggler to become World Heavyweight Champion, and countless debuts that have left the WWE Universe looking forward to the future. Tonight could be the biggest one ever considering the hype off of WrestleMania 37 and the anticipation for a grand show to follow suit. No matter what, it should be a special night.

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