Kaiju Big Battel Super Villain Dr. Cube is Heading to WrestleMania Week

Dr. Cube from Kaiju Big Battel
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On Friday night, Violence X Suffering (VxS) announced the latest match-up for their upcoming WrestleMania Week show, VxS Lucid Dreams, being held on Friday, April 9, in Tampa as part of Game Changer Wrestling (GCW)‘s The Collective Remix series. VxS has become one of the top US indie promotions in the past year, with hard-hitting action combined with strong technical styles and high-flying, combined with slick production. But no one was prepared for Friday’s announcement when they revealed that former WWE Superstar JTG (one half of Cryme Time) was going to be facing the nefarious Dr. Cube, one of pro wrestling most twisted and demented super villains. Wait. What do you mean? You’ve never heard of Dr. Cube, the scourge of Kaiju Big Battel? Then let me tell you a story.

Kaiju Big Battel is a global exercise that sees wrestlers compete against Kaiju monsters in a battle to save the Earth, contested by the Kaiju Regulatory Committee. The KRC creates these Battel’s as a way for Earth’s defenders to defeat these Kaiju monsters and keep Earth from being devastated and destroyed. But there’s arguably no monster so vile in Kaiju Big Battel as the square-headed monster-of-a-man as the vile Dr. Cube.

According to legend, Dr. Cube was created in the bio-engineering labs of World War II Nazi Germany, created in a test tube after Nazi scientists had devised a way to cultivate a genius genome. But when he was a toddler, the Allied Forces collapsed the Nazi regime, and Dr. Cube was taken to England where he was adopted by an English family and raised for the forces of good. But while a young Cube grew with an unfathomable genius-level intelligence, it was outmatched by his grotesque physical appearance. In an effort to protect their young, introverted child, his English parents opted to home school him. Finally leaving the nest for college, Cube began to educate himself on the growing field of plastic/cosmetic surgery, determined to fix his appearance and become the great scientist that the world could revile in and love. Finally, he would become universally loved, for his intellect and his beauty. But tragedy would strike and destroy everything.

Two years into his university studies, a braggadocious young Cube determined he had the skills necessary to conduct the operation on himself and finally make his dream come true. But on that dreary Saturday night, unbeknownst to Cube, a Battel was taking place not far from his university abode. The resulting Battel created an earthquake that caused the operation on Cube to go terribly wrong. Once the dust had settled and he saw the botched results of his face – which had only proved to make his monstrosity of a visage even more repugnant – he went madly insane. No longer was he going to use his intelligence for good – his madness-driven brain was now set on World Domination.

Despite not graduating, he assumed the mantle of Dr. Cube, and began to feverishly work on experiments to create even more despicable Kaiju monsters than what the Ancient Forces could muster. If the world was going to be destroyed by monsters, it would be by his own creations, and it would culminate in a Kaiju-ridden world with Dr. Cube as its despot ruler. Donning a cardboard box with a constantly irritated face, Dr. Cube made his in-ring debut in 2002 and by 2004 had claimed the Kaiju Grand Championship. Since then, Dr. Cube has been in a constant war within Kaiju Big Battel, determined to control the outcome of the world through his own master manipulation and Kaiju Posse. He’s briefly tried to interact from outside fighting groups – he has a storied history in CHIKARA with UltraMantis Black and the Eye of Tyr – but it’s always in the realm of Kaiju Big Battel where his greatest influence manifests.

Over the years, Dr. Cube has seemingly conducted further experiments on himself – he’s variously seen performing in various body types, including ethnicities and genders, making people wonder if there was more than one Dr. Cube, or he was seemingly just on a neverending mission to upgrade his own body as he continues in his quest to take over the world. Which version of Dr. Cube will we see in Ybor City, Florida on April 9? Will he come alone or with members of his Posse? Why has he chosen 2021 as the year to invade WrestleMania Week? And is JTG unwittingly walking into a scenario where he himself will emerge not as victor but the next Kaiju Monster in Cube’s Posse? We’ll just have to wait until April to find out!

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