3 Count: Royal Rumble 2021

WWE 2021 Royal Rumble

Tampa, FL – The WWE Thunderdome hosted the 34th Annual Royal Rumble event being the first event since the untimely death of WWE Official, Pat Patterson, who was synonymous with the match backstage. A lot of twists and turns happened at this event that led to a lot of pleasant surprises to many fans and analysts alike. The 2021 Rumble event in memory of the great Patterson will be fondly remembered as one of the greatest in its event’s history.

1.) WWE Did The Right Thing with Drew McIntyre vs. Goldberg

The biggest fear for many fans and analysts alike was a repeat of Crown Jewel 2020 with Bill Goldberg (age 54) winning the World Championship against Drew McIntyre. Fears aside, WWE did the right thing entering into WrestleMania season. The story that made the most sense entering this time would be Sheamus vs. McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

Goldberg winning the championship would mess up multiple storylines, unless the writers put over a younger star. Drew winning was the only plausible and rational option heading into the next few weeks of programming.

2.) The Start of the EST Era…

Paul Heyman on an episode of Talking Smack gave his praises to Bianca Belair for her performance at the Rumble entering #3 as the “Iron Woman” of the matchup, lasting nearly 57 minutes and winning by last eliminating former NXT Women’s Champion and longtime foe Rhea Ripley, finally getting her comeuppance after her failed attempt at winning the championship at NXT Takeover: Portland.

Belair will make her first WrestleMania appearance as a competitor a year after making her main roster debut at the event last year evening the odds for The Street Profits. Ever since Belair’s debut at the inaugural Mae Young Classic, the potential for Belair was always there due to her athleticism, strength, and charisma. Belair challenging either Raw Women’s Champion Asuka or Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks would have a lot of historical aspects on the line.

For Asuka, it would be a battle of two formerly undefeated competitors during their respected tenures at NXT. As for Banks, this would be a first with a championship being defended in an all-Black Women championship at WrestleMania match.


2.9… The Kick-out: Carmella is doing the best work of her career.

When it comes to Carmella, fans and analysts could say that she’s a cut from the “old guard” in WWE’s gathering of women’s talent and that’s partially true.

Mella like the likes of Naomi, WWE Diva Search winners Eve Torres and Layla El was at one-point a cheerleader for a major North American sporting league cheering for the likes of the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Lakers prior to her signing in 2013.

Carmella has always had signs of great potential due to her charisma and that was shown during her short-lived time with the former Enzo Amore & Big Cass team and her times with James Ellsworth as her “manager” & R-Truth.

The “Princess of Staten Island” like “The Man” Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax have been a champion on the main roster without winning the NXT Women’s Championship. Mella has won the Money in the Bank ladder match twice, joining only CM Punk to do so. So the spotlight isn’t anything new to the likes of Mella.

However, Mella’s character as the narcissistic, high class, champagne drinking “smokeshow-esque” character has showed her as a more aggressive character and showcasing her solid work in the ring. The talent has always been there due to her father being a former professional wrestler as well as her time and experience.

3.) Roman Reigns vs. Edge is the most logical event entering in WrestleMania

Edge vs Roman Reigns

In an article written by fellow LWOS Pro Wrestling analyst, Keshena Booker. It was argued that it will have “far more consequences than going the NXT route and far more weight than the lackluster Goldberg v. Drew McIntyre feud.”

The promo work between these two, then add in the potential layers with fellow WWE Hall of Famer and NXT Color Commentator Beth Phoenix, best friend Christian on Edge’s side. And the bloodline Jey Uso, and advocate Paul Heyman on Reign’s and there’s a lot to work with

An Example: Kevin Owens and current Universal Champion, Roman Reigns earlier in their feud was talking on the base of family and how meticulous and malicious Reigns was threatening the livelihood of “The Prizefighter,” due to one of those rare moments in WWE where continuity actually makes sense.

Owens has always made it clear ever since his NXT days that family is an important reason why he needs to be on top of his game at ANY cost. Reigns took that and ran with it. Reigns, Uso & Heyman could really attack Edge‘s family dynamic since his best friend and his wife are part of that umbrella.

Plus, Edge’s neck and spine injuries are on the record and have been documented throughout his career with “The Rated-R Superstar” stating he was at one point, “wrestling on borrowed time.” Reigns and Heyman could attack that and use it to their advantage to play mind games.

Roman is on the top of his game as a character, Edge has always been an above-average and awesome promo because he evokes emotion in everything that he does. There’s no other intriguing option entering into WrestleMania season than Reigns/Edge.

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