All Japan News: New Challengers for Excite Series Tour

Excite Series Tour

January of 2021 has been a stacked month for All Japan Pro Wrestling, with two title defenses for Suwama, defeating Yuma Aoyagi and Shotaro Ashino. Suwama goes into the Excite Series Tour as champion, defending his championship against a new foe. New challengers approach for all of the belts in All Japan, which you will get the info on in this first edition of “All Japan News“.

Purple Haze vs. Purple Haze!

The All Asia Tag Team Championships have been held by ZeusIzanagi for over 150+ days. After defeating Enfant Terribles in the previous title defense, friendly competition goes within the Purple Haze faction, the champions will defend against UTAMARO & Shigehiro Irie on the February 20th event of the Excite Series Tour.

Shuji Ishikawa Wants Jun Kasai!

On the final night of New Years War, Jun Kasai would enter a brutal war against Black Menso-Re. Even unmasking him, as Jun Kasai would retain his GAORA TV Championship. After retaining it, he was challenged by Shuji Ishikawa. Anyone who knows both of these names knows these two in particular as legends of the deathmatch scene. With Kasai representing the Freedoms Promotion and Shuji Ishikawa representing BJW (Big Japan Pro Wrestling) we saw the last two title defenses based around brutality, this upcoming match could be the personification of a bloody war between Deathmatch Greats. This match will happen on one of the four shows in the Excite Series Tour.


On the first event of the All Japan Calendar, Yuma Aoyagi & Kento Miyahara would dethrone the former World Tag Team Champions, The Violent Giants. The team known as NEXTREAM have a common foe going into the upcoming title defense on February 23rd. Yuma and Kento will face off against Daisuke Sekimoto & Abdullah Kobayashi in a rematch from the Real World Tag League. In the previous encounter, the team known as Team BJW would defeat NEXTREAM in the opening round of the tournament last year. Kento Miyahara will also face off against Abdullah Kobayashi on February 18th. Will we gain new Tag Champions or will NEXTREAM retain their belts? Find out at Excite Series Tour.

CIMA Appears, Challenges Koji Iwamoto!

Koji Iwamoto has been the All Japan Junior Champion for over 200 days, in his recent title defense, Koji Iwamoto would have an unforgettable match against Fumonori Abe. Koji Iwamoto continues to prove that he’s one of the best junior champions in the world, as he has beat top stars from other promotions. But when you think of juniors, top stars… one of the names that would appear is CIMA. At the end of the title match, CIMA would get on a video package, challenging the winner of the Junior Championship match at the Excite Series Tour. This match has no confirmed date, but will most likely happen on February 23rd’s Excite Series Show.

Kohei Sato challenges Suwama

Suwama started this month off mixed, after losing the World Tag Team Champions, Suwama would make two world title defenses against Yuma Aoyagi & Shotaro Ashino. But at the very end of the show, one of the top stars of Zero-1 would make an appearance. Kohei Sato is famous for his work against guys like Masato Tanaka, Daisuke Sekimoto, and Yuji Okayabashi. Kohei even made a special appearance in AJPW on the final event of last year. It seems Kohei is staying for a bit as Kohei challenged Suwama for the Triple Crown Championship. This upcoming Triple Crown Title Match doesn’t have a confirmed date, however, it will most likely happen on the February 23rd event of the Excite Series Tour.

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