Preview: AEW Dynamite – Brodie Lee Jr.’s Birthday (1/20/21)

AEW Brodie Lee Jr.

It’s the Brodie Lee Jr. Birthday Party! Coming off New Year’s Smash, AEW Dynamite prepares for the road to Beach Break. Bullet Club remains wrecking shop in AEW and IMPACT as Kenny Omega along with The Good Brothers try to fend off Jon Moxley. The Young Bucks continue to make bad life decisions as they finally begin to understand how Hangman felt. Speaking of the cowboy, tonight Hangman Adam Page decides whether or not to join The Dark Order. “Pretty” Peter Avalon looks to make his dreams come true against The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. Finally, Chuckie T changes into Charles Taylor courteously of “The Best Man” Miro.

-Jon Moxley in Action

-Kenny Omega Appears

-Cody Rhodes vs Peter Avalon

-Private Party & Matt Hardy vs Top Flight & Matt Sydal

-Update on Miro with Butler Chuck Taylor

-Penelope Ford vs “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

-Santana & Ortiz vs Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager vs Chris Jericho & MJF

-Hangman Page & Dark Order vs TH2 & Chaos Project

Hardy Party V2 & The War Between IMPACT and AEW Begins

Matt Hady is now the worst version of himself. He has become a money-grubbing carny obsessed only with himself. Hardy is tired of not being thanked for his accomplishments as well as trying to goad Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen into turning heel. Private Party is less than pleased with this new Matt as their manager. They were forced to sign a deal that would give Matt 30% of their intake. Over on Being the Elite, Matt is attempting to get Isiah and Marq to win by “any means necessary.” Last night on IMPACT, Private Party became number one contenders for the Good Brothers’ tag titles after interference from Matt and Jerry Lynn.

After Full Gear, we saw the demise of Broken Matt and gave witness to a carny succubus. He is manipulating Private Party into cheating and taking shortcuts. Last week saw the tag team snap at Matt as dissension grows. Matt vows to make these two into stars. This could give way to the New York Natives possibly turning heel. Or they will simply get tired of Matt’s BS and dump him as their manager. It all depends on how tonight will go down against three aerial athletes. Will Private Party stoop so low when they’ve been trying to set the bar so high?

The Wednesday Night Wars aren’t the only battle in North American Pro-Wrestling. AEW retaliated last night against IMPACT. This invasion angle is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Anything can happen in the insane and ridiculous world of wrestling.

Orange Pulp Fiction

Last week, Miro destroyed Chuckie T to put him in his place as well as sending a message to Orange Cassidy. Chuck Taylor made a huge mistake. Per the terms of the match last week. Chuck Taylor must become Miro’s butler for one month. With Trent injured and Chuckie T now a servant of the Superbad Squad. Orange Cassidy is all alone and out for blood. It’s time to play the game for Best Friends, and something tells me they are not going to have fun.

Miro has been obsessed with Freshly Squeezed since his alliance with Sabian. However, when Orange Cassidy means business, he will unleash vengeance upon thee. The Best Man has done everything to help Kip against those who “wrong him.” The New Rusev Day will present Kip and Penelope’s wedding at Beach Break. Chuck Taylor’s living hell begins tonight on Brodie Jr.’s Birthday party.

The Inner Circle is Fine

The Inner Circle is now taking inspiration from the NWO as well as Bullet Club and beginning to infight. MJF is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is driving a wedge between The Painmaker Posse by getting inside Chris Jericho‘s head. Not to mention, he is easily none too happy with Negative One. Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy Guevara feel cross by Y2J’s favoritism towards “The Salt of the Earth.” Though “The Painmaker” says this is a friendly competition, it’s likely this will deteriorate worse than Tama Tonga‘s attempted murder when international travel is able again. Regardless, how will The Inner Circle survive with salt in the wound?

Hangman and His Amazing Friends

The Brodie Lee Jr. Birthday celebration culminates with a Dark Order 8-man tag team match. Moreover, Hangman makes his decision on whether or not to join this cult. I mean group of friends. Hangman has rebounded from The Elite together with a tag victory with John Silver & Alex Reynolds on the Brodie Lee Tribute episode.

The Dark Order is adamant about becoming better people. The BTE bits with Cowboy Day and western games are comedy gold. Hangman has brought out a new side to this cult coupled with a new kinship. Hangman deserves to be happy and find real friends. Does he still feel like poison after his heartbreaking breakup with The Elite? Hopefully not, as it’s the perfect night to celebrate Brodie Lee Jr.

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