Dragon Gate News: New Champions And Fresh Betrayals

Dragon Gate News Natural Vibes Win Trios titles

At the Dragon Gate’s January 13th Korakuen Event. There was a series of big events that went down. With both a title change and betrayal. As the newly reformed Natural Vibes trio of KZY, Susumu Yokosuka, and Genki Horiguchi re-established themselves. They regained the Open The Triangle Gate Championship, and they saved their defense record by defeating the previous champions. They looked to be headed toward certain defeat, but we saw yet another miscommunication from R.E.D. More specifically SBKENTo and Takashi Yoshida who had a miscommunication the day before in the preview match. Yoshida, who has been on quite the losing streak, took another loss after KZY choked him out with the Spider Twist. When SBKENTo accidentally hit him causing a total break down. Leading to the crowning of Natural Vibes.

However, after the match is when things got very interesting. Takashi Yoshida went on one of his wild rants. Then attempted to kick SBKENTo out of R.E.D. However, things weren’t what they seemed as he ended up being the one kicked out of R.E.D. With R.E.D. and SBKENTo labeling Yoshida a comedy wrestler. Citing that they don’t need comedy wrestlers in R.E.D.  Yoshida then said he doesn’t understand pro wrestling anymore, and that he lost everything. He then shouted he needed someone to teach him pro wrestling.

Yoshida looked around before shouting for his senpai, and even Natural Vibes were confused. Then it was confirmed by Yoshida he was shouting for Masaaki Mochizuki! Mochizuki made his way out and asked Yoshida what did he want, because he didn’t watch the match. Yoshida then asked Mochizuki to teach him pro wrestling. Mochizuki mentioned that the last two times he told him this, that he turned on him almost immediately. Yoshida then begged and proclaimed he has changed, and Mochizuki agreed to help.

The two will team up on January 17th to test out their partnership. On that same show is when Natural Vibes will be holding their open auditions. Where they will fill out their group and become a complete unit once again.

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