Stardom to Host “All-Star Dream Cinderella” in Budokan Hall

Stardom Budokan

During the intermission of their recent Sendai Cinderella show at Sendai Sun Plaza, it was announced that Stardom will be running their biggest show to date in Budokan Hall on March 3rd, 2021. The show, honoring both Mayu Iwatani and Stardom’s 10th anniversary, is said to be a celebration of the past, present, and future of Joshi wrestling, with the name itself being a reference to the AJW All-Star Dream Slam shows in the early 90s.

While the groundbreaking event, titled All-Star Dream Cinderella, is still 15 weeks away, there are still aspects of the show that are interesting to speculate on. Given the name’s tie to the biggest cross-promotion shows in Joshi history, some are speculating other Joshi companies will be involved. It is well known that Stardom Owner Rossy Ogawa and Marvelous Owner Chigusa Nagayo are and have been on good terms recently, plus the introduction of ASSEMBLE by Akira Hokuto could create some bridges from Stardom to other companies as well.

Stardom’s biggest show to date took place back in 2013 when the held Ryōgoku Cinderella Champions Fiesta at Ryogoku Sumo Hall in front of 5,500 people, largely in celebration of Yuzuki Aikawa’s retirement from pro wrestling. With COVID-19 restrictions softening and Joshi wrestling beginning to boom, Budokan Hall at even half capacity would supersede the current record for Stardom attendance. Surpassing 5000 people could prove to be difficult given that international tourism of Japan isn’t set to resume until April but with PPV numbers, Stardom World subscription numbers, and Covid Era attendance numbers all way up, this could be a gamble worth taking for Stardom to get on a level that Joshi wrestling hasn’t seen in two and a half decades.

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