Himawari Unagi Leaving Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

Himawari Unagi
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It has been announced that Himawari Unagi will leave Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW) will be leaving the company when her contract expires at the end of the month (today).  Unagi has stressed that she will still wrestle and merely wants a new challenge.

Unagi debuted on January 4th, 2019 and has only wrestled 52 matches in her short career.  Wherever she goes the promotion will have a promising talent to mold although she is 31 years old.  Unagi would be a solid fit for Actwres girl’Z but could go anywhere, or she may freelance which is becoming a more viable option for Joshi talents.  At 5 foot 6, she is taller than many of her colleagues and can use this to her advantage.

The real story here is that Himawari Unagi is the third TJPW talent to leave this month and one of a handful of talents that has left this year.  This raises questions regarding why the promotion is losing so many talents, although this could be blamed on COVID-19 and its effects on the drawing power of them and many other companies.

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