Rey Fenix Needs To Turn Babyface

Rey Fenix

It’s fair to say that All Elite Wrestling boasts a tremendous roster of High Flyers. Sammy Guevara, Kip Sabian, Jack Evans, PacScorpio Sky, and The Young Bucks thrill wrestling fans when they take to the skies. However, there is probably no greater aerial artist in AEW than Rey Fenix. The Mexa King is a modern-day highlight reel of insane spots with natural, aesthetic charisma. Every time he appears on AEW Dynamite, Fenix always leaves fans talking. After a year on Dynamite alongside his brother, Pentagon Jr, it’s fair to say the Lucha Brothers have not reached their full potential. Earlier this year the Lucha Bros forged a partnership with Pac as Death Triangle. Together, the three were set to wreak havoc and become a prominent fixture in AEW. It was not to be as the pandemic hit and now Pac is still unable to work for AEW. Now the Lucha Bros are in a partnership with The Butcher and The Blade alongside Eddie Kingston. On this past Dynamite, it appears there is tension between Pentagon and Fenix leading to a possibility of this alliance ending rather swiftly. Quite frankly, this all feels like a waste of time for two athletes that fans are begging for AEW to do more with. The answer to all this is simple, Rey Fenix has to turn babyface.

Through the Fire and Flames

Pentagon and Fenix became familiar to American audiences during their stint in Lucha Underground. Inside the temple saw the rise of Fenix as one of the top faces of the show. Ironically enough, the first season of Lucha Underground saw Pentagon and Fenix feud in which the Bird of War emerged as a world title contender. He would go on to win the Lucha Underground Championship against Mil Muertes in the first half of season two. Pentagon would fare just as well as he would win the world title at the end of season three. The believers loved Fenix as he quickly grew a believable connection more easily than most of the other wrestlers. It wasn’t long until Fenix became touted as the natural successor to Rey Mysterio. Rey Fenix is a born babyface who possesses a swagger that simply isn’t taught. While most high flyers are booked as heels now, including Fenix himself, there is always a demand from wrestling fans to cheer highspots. Every time Fenix appears on Dynamite he pulls out an insane spot that makes the crowd, even at home, go nuts.

The Lucha Bros would thrive on the independents and on IMPACT Wrestling, before signing with AEW. Their time in the indies saw the brothers win Tag Titles in a number of promotions in addition to Pentagon winning the IMPACT World Championship in his debut match. Aside from Mysterio, these two are the most well known and respected modern luchadores in America. Pentagon and Fenix aren’t simply a phenomenal Tag Team. They are proven main eventers with an insane amount of marketability. Unlike most other High Flyers, Fenix is reliably comfortable on the mic. The Man of 1,000 lives speaks with conviction and earnest whether in Spanish or English. Fenix has also fared well in singles competition on AEW Television, holding victories over Nick Jackson and Orange Cassidy.

Dark Fenix Saga

Currently, the Lucha Bros are in a partnership with the Butcher and the Blade alongside Eddie Kingston. The alliance could be seen as a place holder until Pac can return to continue Death Triangle. However, since Pac is not likely to return to AEW until 2021 at least. Perhaps it would be best to move along with Lucha Bros instead of wasting their time. Death Triangle was a cool idea, unfortunately holding on to the stable that is not able to come together is not the best use of all three wrestlers. The former Lucha Underground World Champions should be treated as more than a midcard tag team. And if the plan isn’t to properly use the masked brothers in the tag division, then AEW should consider implementing them into singles competition.

So far in AEW, the Lucha Bros have been slotted into an awkward heel role that isn’t suited for them. While Mr. Ciero Medo has played a compelling heel before in the temple. The fact remains the Lucha Bros are too respected by fans currently to be accepted as lower card lackeys. Forcing Fenix, in particular, as a heel simply feels unnatural. Fenix’s move set is so naturally exciting, the crowd has an innate feeling to cheer for the former AAA Mega Champion. Their partnership with The Butcher and The Blade also feels forced and unnatural. While it’s true that AEW cannot literally schedule every wrestler on Dynamite every week. Fans are clamoring for AEW to do more with two Lucha Libre icons who should’ve been booked as more prominent players than they are. Considering Fenix has been touted as the next Rey Mysterio for the past five years, and that AEW was unable to sign the Master of the 619 away from WWE, now is the time to for Fenix to fulfill his destiny.

Turning Fenix babyface would allow Pentagon to turn with his younger brother, or stay heel and begin a feud between the two in AEW. Pentagon and Fenix were originally booked as rivals in Lucha Underground. While the two work incredibly well as a tandem they are also amazing opponents for one another. Pentagon’s malicious wrestling style matched with Fenix’s never say die fire is a simple story that always works. A face Fenix versus heel Pentagon would help elevate both brothers into singles glory. A serious and focused villain Pentagon breaking everyone’s arms in AEW similarly to his tenure in Lucha Underground is something that needs to happen on TNT.

Alternatively, a babyface Lucha Bros would give them fresher foes for them to face on TNT. They could begin feuding with top guys FTR, Dark Order, TheHybrid2, or even revisit a rivalry between Santana & Ortiz. In IMPACT Wrestling LAX faced the Lucha Bros in fantastic tag team matches that put both teams on the map and likely got them signed to AEW. Revisiting such an amazing series of matches is a no brainer. The Lucha Bros are already highly respected by fans, so why not run with it instead of asking for fans to boo them when no one wants to do that?

Fenix as a singles babyface has a ton of mileage for AEW. Fans would easily tune in to see the War Bird wrestle the likes of MJF, Sammy Guevara, Brodie Lee, Ricky Starks, etc. At just 30 years of age, Fenix still has a decade-plus of exciting matches left in the tank that need to be taken advantage of. With Kenny Omega vs Fenix last year voted as one of the greatest AAA matches of all time, Fenix clearly has already proven value as a singles competitor. He could easily slot into the TNT picture as a challenger if AEW prefers. What AEW should do is put Fenix and Pentagon in the world title picture. Considering current AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, is running out of credible challengers, AEW should remember that Pentagon and Fenix are former multiple-time world champions themselves.

Additionally, Fenix becoming a good guy would allow him to start wearing brigher colors again and would make both him and AEW a ton of merch money. Most of the time when wrestlers turn heel they stick to dark colors. Babyfaces more often than not wear bright, vibrant color palettes. Fenix as a babyface would lead to a marketing dream come true. Why make one Fenix action figure in one color outfit when you can make multiple in literally any and every color possible? Considering Rey Mysterio had over 500 masks designed and made bank off a simple design and bright colors. Who’s to say the same won’t also work for Fenix? With AEW launching action figures this year, they need to keep the marketing machine going by properly franchising two of the coolest looking wrestlers currently in the industry.

AEW wasn’t able to steal Mysterio away from WWE, so what? They already have two of the best modern luchadores at their disposal even in these uncertain times. With AEW embarking on promoting a new influx of heels perhaps it is time for Fenix to rise as one the their top babyfaces. An expert high flyer with aesthetic charisma, tons of marketing potential, and a fiery wrestling style that will not quit. Rey Fenix is the Mexa King for a reason. While it is equally important AEW begins to push Pentagon as well. The truth is in order to get the ball rolling for Fenix, he needs to become a good guy. The fans will easily rally behind the Mexa King as the premiere underdog luchador on TNT. It’s time to break away from unnecessary heel alliances so Fenix can fly once again. For AEW, the amount of potential still left untapped as the next bonafide Latino megastar that is Rey Fenix, the sky’s the limit.

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