Tsukushi & Ibuki Hoshi Win Ice Ribbon Kizuna Tournament

Kizuna Tournament

At Ice Ribbon’s most recent event they held their Kizuna Tournament which features a number of teams where the Junior roster member picks a Senior member to team with, we covered the teams taking part previously, the tournament winners were the SpringMeteor team of Tsukushi and Ibuki Hoshi.

Their road to the finals saw them defeat Hamuko Hoshi and Yappy, then they won a triple threat tag team match against the teams of Akane Fujita & Asahi, and Maika Ozaki & Ram Kaicho, in the finals they surprisingly beat the superteam of new ICExInfinity Champion Suzu Suzuki and former champion Maya Yukihi.

Both members of the winning team get to make wishes and nether Hoshi not Tsukushi waited long to make their intentions clear.  Ibuki Hoshi wants to team up with the legendary Aja Kong to take on Hamuko Hoshi.  Tsukushi went a little higher as she challenged Suzu Suzuki for her IXExInfinity Championship, that match is set for the September 20th Korakuen Hall event for Ice Ribbon.

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