#AndNEW: Suzu Suzuki Wins ICExInfinity Championship

Suzu Suzuki
Photo: Ice Ribbon

17-year-old Suzu Suzuki has won the ICExInfinity Championship after defeating Maya Yukihi at Ice Ribbon’s final show in the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium before it’s closure.  Not even two years after her debut Suzuki has reached the top of the mountain solidifying her spot as a top star in Ice Ribbon for many years to come.

Maya Yukihi first won the ICExInfinity Championship at RibbonMania 2018, the show where Suzu Suzuki made her debut, and has held the title for 545 days since then, with only a brief period where the title was vacated breaking up her reign.  She was built up to be a dominant champion knocking back every challenger who tried to stop her, including Suzuki.  But now, Suzuki has dethroned Yukihi on her third attempt.

Suzuki immediately got over in Ice Ribbon thanks to her ability and her “chirin chirin” taunt which established her as a firm favourite of Ice Ribbon viewers.  Earlier this year she felt the need to grow out of that gimmick and debuted a new look in March this year and defeated Ice Ribbon legend Tsukasa Fujimoto in a singles match, further establishing her as a serious player in the company.  Now Suzuki has captured the top title in the company and looks set to lead Ice Ribbon as one of its top stars for many years to come.

It was a night of change in Ice Ribbon as three other new champions were crowned, 666 performer Ram Kaicho captured the Triangle Ribbon Championship, Risa Sera won a brutal fight to become the FantastICE Champion while the Frank Sisters (Hiragi Kurumi & Mochi Miyagi) won the International Ribbon Tag Team Championships.

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