Daniel Bryan vs. The Rock: Former World Champions Tease Match On Twitter

Daniel Bryan
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Who doesn’t love a gigantic tease on social media? Well, Thursday night saw one of the biggest as Daniel Bryan essentially challenged The Rock to a match. But not for the reason of them both being hall of fame wrestlers in history. Instead, Bryan wants to fight him because of how many times his daughter has made him listen to the song, “You’re Welcome,” from the Disney movie Moana. That song, of course, is sung by The Rock himself.

One would think in The Rock’s busy schedule he may have missed such a tweet, but he did not. He even told Bryan “let’s do it.” There’s a real chance they are both joking with each other, but in professional wrestling, you should never say never.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Rock. Probably a match no one would have even imagined two days ago now has a little life in it following their interactions with each other. “Let’s do it” has to mean something, even if it’s a moment between the two. The Rock has been very giving recently when it comes to responding to wrestlers and discussing wrestling as a whole. Maybe all this time off has given him the itch again? And a return against Daniel Bryan would be the perfect match.

What If?: Daniel Bryan vs. The Rock

If this match were to ever happen, there would only be one location worthy of such a match. WrestleMania. And in Hollywood? Seems like a perfect location. Now, there is still plenty to figure out in terms of when WrestleMania 37 will actually happen considering WWE will want fans in attendance for the biggest event of the year this time around. But if The Rock were to ever return for one more match, that would be the location to do it in terms of the box office for WWE and The Rock himself.

When you look at the prospect of a match between these two, you think of the different styles clashing in a whole new way. Bryan can have a must-see match with anyone. Doing one with The Rock can deliver something different to a card that will need such a star like him. The Rock’s current last match is one against Erick Rowan at WrestleMania 32. That needs to change. And yes, it was earlier this year that The Rock said he was retired from in-ring competition. Yet, it’s hard to believe that. The rumors have risen the past few years that a possible match with Roman Reigns could be on the agenda, but one with Daniel Bryan could be just as good and money considering Bryan’s history in the company.

Again, the idea of Daniel Bryan vs. The Rock may be a pipe dream to some. However, we have seen CM Punk vs. The Rock twice in our lifetimes, meaning a match with Bryan can’t be out of the question. We don’t want to take tweets out context here, but it’s in the writing.

Let’s do it.

What The Program Could Look Like

The last time Daniel Bryan was on WWE TV, he was the YES! babyface that so many had fallen in love with. Something that many disagreed with in terms of a change, but one that was necessary at the time to get another top guy on the SmackDown brand. We are, however, only two years removed from Bryan’s second-best run in the company as “The Planet’s Champion.”ย  Mixing that version of himself with the confidence of his current character that calls himself “The Best Professional Wrestler in the World” and you have an interesting battle on your hands. One thing is for sure, if The Rock were to return for a match, he would be the face. No doubt about it.

The idea of Bryan taking from the Punk-Rock program from 2013 is interesting, as Bryan would really be trying to prove the same thing. He’s the best and some part-time legend wasn’t going to change that. But Bryan’s smugness has always been different from Punk. While the former “Best in the World” could be a pompous jerk and be all about himself, Bryan has shown he can use the truth to make the world hate him. He can talk about how The Rock left, or he held him back from being a bigger star earlier because he main evented WrestleMania 29.

Why It Could Work

There’s a number of interesting angles that can be taken here by Bryan to get under The Rock’s skin. And when it comes to getting this on TV, starting off with Bryan wanting to prove he is the best WWE Superstar of All-Time by calling out The Rock always works well. For weeks, or even months, Bryan can go on this run of displaying why he is the best wrestler in WWE history with dominant wins after dominant wins over big names. And then when WrestleMania season comes around, he dares to call out The Rock.

The potential of Bryan vs. The Rock in a build-up alone is juicy because of Bryan’s underrated mic skills and The Rock’s over the top but forever incredible knack on the microphone that has the fans eating out of his hands can make it incredible stuff.

An eventual match between the two can be special. Daniel Bryan, as I said earlier, still has the ability to make any match a classic encounter. Doing so with someone with The Rock’s talents would be another chance for him to do so. It’s a match with so much intrigue if it were to ever be considered a possibility. Here we are thinking it is. Again, never say never.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Rock could be special. It’s very unlikely, but the interaction and the thought behind a possible encounter are exciting enough to get our hopes up for a match no one would ever expect to see a decade ago.

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