What If: The Case For and Against an All Women’s Brand in WWE

WWE All Women's Brand
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For decades, WWE has been propelled to prominence from its bigger than life male wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, and John Cena. There’s a reason it is the biggest professional wrestling company in the world. And in recent months, they have seen their numbers take a massive hit as viewers become uninterested with the product and the shows that are being produced. But it’s not all a loss for them. While both SmackDown and Raw hit record lows, it’s the women’s segments on these two shows and NXT that continue to be their draw. The statistics are there, as NXT boomed early this past week when Io Shirai and Tegan Nox faced off with Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae. The same can be said when Shirai faced Sasha Banks in the main event of the Great American Bash, Night 1.

Interest for WWE comes in the women far more than the men right now, and with both SmackDown and Raw struggling due to struggles in star power, a special change could come about. While it remains just speculation, the thought of an All-Women’s brand in the WWE has been a topic amongst fans for some time now. And now more than ever with Evolution 2 rumors and speculation running rampant, it could be time for the WWE to pull that trigger and try it out. There’s a lot of good (and bad) that could come out of this possibility. Here, we look at the positives and negatives of a possible All-Women’s show.

Positives of a Women’s Brand

A Better Version Of A “Brand Split” For Views

The brand split was a unique decision when WWE brought it back in 2016 as it gave wrestlers a greater opportunity to rise and make themselves contenders after not having much TV time. SmackDown LIVE was legitimately called “The Land of Opportunity.” And yet, as we sit here in 2020, the brand split seems rather lackadaisical and is hurting both brands more than helping. Especially with the removal of Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair, both shows feel far emptier than usual with the struggle of making new stars. If Raw and SmackDown were to become a split between genders rather than half and half, that could open the door for refreshed shows and a brand split that could work.

Many find it hard to follow two world champions, leading to not only the Universal and WWE Championship being combined but the women’s championships as well. That can add more prestige to the titles as well. There’s always the chance that the women could get their own, brand new show. But this should be an opportunity worth trying with the two shows they have now. Considering the tanking viewers.

One Women’s World Championship And A Mid-Card

All-Women's Brand
Banks and Bayley would be on the warpath to unify the titles

If SmackDown and Raw were to remain split 50/50 between men and women, then it would remain a must to keep both the SmackDown and Raw Women’s Championships. But if they were to split, then combining the championships into one would make for a more prestigious championship and make the reigns matter that much more. Looking at a company like Stardom, they have the lone World of Stardom Championship as their top belt, with the Wonder of Stardom Championship serving as the mid-card championship. Welcoming a new title like this would give the women a chance to be true equals with the men and present a future where the women can be on the same level moving forward. Add in the fact that women’s wrestling has been the bright spot of the WWE for the better part of the past five years, this can be a very real reality.

A run that Bayley is on right now is prestigious and historic on its own right, but if they were to have SmackDown to themselves and a single belt, it would be that much more prestigious in the history of women’s wrestling. Changing the style to one world championship and a mid-card title only raises the stakes and can help make WWE dramatically change their product for the better.

Greater Opportunities

Women's Brand
Photo: WWE

For months, even years, the problem with the WWE’s women’s division has been clear. The feuds on television tended to only include the champions and the challenger. It got even worse when the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships were included off of television for what were weeks at a time. If the women were to get their own show, that would create a chance for there to be more feuds and stories for women that have rarely been the case for some time. Only recently with the Ruby Riott story and #NaomiDeservesBetter have both shows had serious angles that are not including the championship. And those angles aren’t even included on weekly television.

Giving the women a better chance to be included is something that would only help the WWE in the long run. It would give them time to create bigger stars in the division and set up future contenders through other stories. Opportunities are what some wrestlers need to become stars. Bianca Belair is a great choice and it also would free up NXT if some were to switch in and out on the All-Women’s show and the NXT brand.

Negatives of a Women’s Brand

Still, Not Enough Time For All The Women Rostered

If you combined the time WWE women get on television combined between Raw and SmackDown, it would probably near an hour to an hour and a half. And while the possibility of them getting a brand like SmackDown all to themselves or their own show, there still may not be enough time to build stories with all the women rostered. They have all the talent in the world it feels like at times but there are times where the likes of Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair are held off for weeks and pushed off to a show like Main Event. Splitting them up can lead to more opportunities but still not enough time. That is what should be feared in the mind of fans. It can still be welcomed but something to keep in mind with their packed roster, especially when you remember all the talent in NXT.

Not Enough Certified Star Power On The Women’s Brand

Women's Brand
The three biggest women’s stars in the company aren’t around

The biggest problem is quite simple. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are both gone for the time being. And while the WWE has done their best to rebuild the likes of Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Asuka to that level, general fans of the WWE may still not tune in as they miss a name like Becky Lynch. Star power is what draws for SmackDown and Raw, which is the main reason their viewers have taken such a tumble. Add-in the belief that a whole new show could be developed for them and they would really need to focus on their few stars they have created in the division more than making new stars at the beginning.

Verdict: Worth It — As A Separate Brand Or Whole New Show

When it comes down to an All-Women’s show being a good idea or not, the answer is a resounding yes. While there are some difficult negatives to overcome in terms of star power and opportunity for the entire roster, it cannot hurt the WWE to try. They have learned during COVID-19 and for the better part of the past five years that the women can draw when given the opportunity. And fixing the star power can come with doing the show. They have an outlet to perform and give the people what they want. And whether the decision comes down to it being a separate brand or a whole new show, they can succeed either way.

The path of taking over SmackDown could be more of an advantage considering their time on FOX. While FOX paid for the likes of Roman Reigns being on their show, that isn’t coming anytime soon and it opens it up to be a unique chance to showcase the women on the widest spectrum. And you know WWE, they love their publicity in all ways and that makes sense.

They want the recognition and pulling such a big move like running the show on the biggest platform with all women would give them that. It’s something to add spice to a WWE brand that needs it. Of course, adding a brand new, All-Women’s show can be in the works as well and that would solve all the negatives. Giving women time on their own show along with SmackDown and Raw can be a blessing. Either way, it’s a risk worth taking for WWE.

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