Shane McMahon Introduces Raw Underground

Raw Underground

During the daytime Monday, WWE announced that Shane McMahon would be returning to the company and would appear on Raw. When the show began, it was a matter of figuring out what he could be up to and he was quick to reveal. McMahon introduced the first-ever Raw Underground, which seemed to be an MMA style street fight in a ring without ropes. A number of WWE and NXT stars appeared, including Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, the former Dio Maddin, Erik of The Viking Raiders, and eventually The Hurt Business, who finished up the show.

The first fight of Raw Underground saw the former Babatunde, now known as Dabba-Kato, destroy two men and seemingly make it clear he could be Shane McMahon’s monster moving forward.

Plenty more happened, as both Dolph Ziggler and Erik got wins of their own in the ring to only further the point that this could be a place for those to prove themselves.

By shows end, it was time for The Hurt Business to run shop. And that they did, as Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin destroyed all the competition to prove that they were the ones who run Raw Underground moving forward. It was a good showcase for the group who had struggled earlier in the night.

While there is no guarantee as to what Raw Underground could be leading to, it at least added a new way for wrestlers to prove their toughness and get over on their own. It certainly isn’t Brawl For All, but the idea comes close in a lot of ways. Time will tell as to what Raw Underground is trying to accomplish. It’s something new. That’s for sure.

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