Preview: PWA Black Label – Call To Arms 2020 (8/8/20)

PWA Call To Arms

Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) is set to emerge from the fog of COVID-19 lockdown this Saturday with their 13th Anniversary show, Call To Arms.

During the preview episode of PWA Behind The Label it was revealed that Sam Osborne and Don Marnell, collectively known as the MMA, will be making an appearance at Call To Arms. Having turned his career around since joining the MMA Osborne has now gone on a three-match winning streak, defeating Adam Hoffman, Steph De Lander, and a Pro Wrestling Academy rooking along the way. As Osborne now sets his sights on the annual PWA Colosseum tournament will anybody stand in his way?

Call To Arms will be PWA’s first show since February, and just their third show of 2020 due to the COVID-19 shutdown. As such the company will be looking to re-establish itself at the pinnacle of Australian wrestling and also reestablish many of its stars with fresh matchups.

Speed Force (‘The Groovy Gladiator’ Jude London & ‘Full Force’ Mat Rogers) vs SilverBacks (Silvio Milano & Backman)

During the last PWA Academy show London & Paris De Silva had the number of the SilverBacks in 6-man tag team action. This weekend SilverBacks look to gain a modicum of revenge in regulation tag team clash.

It’s likely that the SilverBacks expected to have a considerable size advantage over The Velocities but with a last-minute change to the lineup, which saw De Silva replaced by Rogers, that has been somewhat negated. Can the combination of speed and power from Speed Force be too much for the ever-improving young stars Backman & Silvio?

Will Kiedis vs Steph De Lander vs Rhys Angel vs Kingsley

With so much young talent in PWA a group known as Generation Now as emerged. This group has talent such as The Velocities, Matty Wahlberg, Ricky South, and all of the participants in this match within its ranks.

This Saturday these four combatants will look to show why they consider themselves the best in PWA. And showcase why they should be the one to lead the company into the future.

All four competitors are incredible talents. Steph De Lander has proven she is a force to be reckoned with after pushing PWWA Champion Jessica Troy to the limits inside a steel cage.

Kingsley has shown she is more than capable of holding her own when competing with her Uncle, Jack J Bonza, and as part of a tag team with Xena.

Rhys Angel has a newfound confidence after being a ‘hero’ and rescuing AJ from destruction against Mat Rogers.

Finally, Will Kiedis has been squashing Goobers every chance he gets. SDL and Angel will need to keep their eyes on Kingsley and Kiedis who appeared to be developing a plan to work together on the latest edition of The Goober Report.

Which of the new generation will take the reigns this weekend?

Donnie Mako & Jay Sorbet – Open Challenge

Two of the rising stars of PWA have issued an open challenge to anyone for a tag team clash this Saturday. During their challenge, Sorbet asked “Hoose it going to be?” So it would be safe to assume the challengers will be making the trip south from Newy Pro.

Charli Evans vs ??

Returning to PWA after three years tearing it up on the UK scene Charli Evans is back to reclaim her spot at the top of PWA.

Prior to leaving Evans had an unbreakable partnership with Jessica Troy, as the Blue Nation. However with Troy now holding the PWWA championship will the bond be shattered as Evans looks to reclaim the title she held prior to her departure from Australia?

The Prefects (Billy Preston & Jimmy Townsend) w/ Cherry Stephens vs MK Plus Ultra (Michael Spencer & Kai Drake)

The self-proclaimed ‘rightful’ tag team champions, MK Plus Ultra, will be in action this Saturday as they take on the Prefects.

Although never officially defeating The Velocities for the PWA Tag Team Titles MK Plus Ultra have been parading around with the stolen tag team championship for months now. It is only a matter of time before The Velocities look to reclaim their titles but in the meantime MK Plus Ultra must overcome The Prefects.

Like many of us 2020 has been an unusual year for The Prefects, with Billy Preston heading off to University whilst Jimmy remains in Year 12 and develops a bond with Cherry Stephens. While the duo of Preston and Townsend have managed to remain successful the chemistry and cohesion does appear to be slightly off. Can they remain on the same page when encountering one of the top teams in PWA or will they continue to drift apart and suffer a loss?

HVWA Reunion??

While there was no official announcement for this match it would appear the Robbie Eagles was teasing a reunion with his fellow Hunter Valley Wrestling Alliance (HVWA) roster members during a post-credits scene on PWA Behind The Label.

HVWA was the backyard wrestling promotion where a young Robbie Eagles, Mat Diamond, and many other Australian stars cut their teeth. For a full history of the promotion I highly recommend listening to the Those Were The Days podcast.

Back in those early days Eagles, Diamond, and CJ Phoenix were pioneering a style of wrestling which has become the norm these days. So much so that the crew at HVWA even caught the attention of a young Will Ospreay, who found their music videos on YouTube and subsequently made it a goal to wrestle Robbie Eagles before Eagles was even an established pro-wrestling star.

Back in March Newcastle Pro Wrestling was supposed to play host to a HVWA reunion in the form of a 6-man tag match featuring Robbie Eagles and Mat Diamond teaming with CJ Phoenix, who was making his return to wrestling – albeit his first match as a pro. The HVWA team was scheduled to face off against the younger stars of the Hoose Of Free Fighting (Newcastle Pro’s school) in the form of Carter Deams, Headhunter Rig and Dazza. However this match was canceled due to COVID-19, so could we now finally be getting this match at Call To Arms?

Another alternative option could be a one-on-one bout between Eagles and Phoenix, a match which will give many HVWA fans a huge nostalgic kick.

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