Ariane Andrew, Former WWE Superstar Cameron, Arrives in AEW

On tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite, the rules for the Women’s Tag Team Cup: Deadly Draw tag team tournament was revealed. We already knew that it would feature sixteen women paired up in teams of eight, with the winning team receiving the Women’s Tag Team Cup Trophy. The pairings are drawn at random, similar to the old NWA/WCW Lethal Lottery (as we speculated last week), through matching color draws. Selections will be final with no appeals.

Photo: AEW

So far the first team announced was the pairing of Nyla Rose and Ariane Andrew, also previously known as Cameron from WWE. Released by WWE in 2016, she announced her return to wrestling in May of 2019 and spent much of the year in training for a return. She was announced for her first indie date this past WrestleMania Week as part of the Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) Collective series, where she was slated to compete at EFFY’s Big Gay Lunch. Her comeback was postponed, however, as the COVID shutdown canceled the indie events over WrestleMania Week. Her original plan was to work her way through the indies to build herself back up. It has not been stated whether Ariane Andrew has signed with AEW going forward or its a one-shot as part of the Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament.

Other wrestlers currently confirmed for the tournament are Big Swole, Brandi Rhodes, and Allie.

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