Heath Miller FKA Heath Slater Appears at IMPACT’s Slammiversary

Heath Miller Slammiversary

Midnight on July 18th marked the official expiration of the non-compete clauses for former WWE talent looking to go elsewhere and so far, several have taken that opportunity including Heath Miller, FKA Heath Slater, who made a surprise appearance at Slammiversary on Saturday night.

Miller, who was last seen on Raw challenging former 3MB teammate Drew McIntyre for the world championship in a squash, grabbed a mic and appeared in the IMPACT ring to cut a promo. Earlier this month, Miller teased coming to IMPACT, which is exactly what happened on Saturday night.

Miller addressed the Rascalz open challenge, which was answered by the returning Motor City Machine Guns earlier in the night, suggesting that he was there to answer that challenge with the help of a friend in the back. It is likely Miller was referring to Rhino, who teamed with Miller in WWE to win the SmackDown tag team championships a few years back. The two even enjoyed a brief backstage reunion later in the night. But as far as Miller’s promo, he suggested that if answering the open challenge wasn’t an option, that he was there to fill the vacant spot in the world title match planned for the main event. Miller, who cut a passionate promo this morning suggesting he was ready to surprise people by showing them a brand new side, was interrupted in the ring by Rohit Raju, who came out to declare that Miller would not be getting a title shot before him. Miller quickly disposed of Raju and looked great in the process.

The night is still young but IMPACT is already pulling out all the stops. A newly reinvigorated Miller is a great addition and could slot in well to the X-Division picture or alongside Rhino, join IMPACT’s strong looking tag division, which got a major facelift on Saturday with the additions of MCMG and the Good Brothers.

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