Chris Brookes Produce Show Announced

Chris Brookes vs. Miyu Yamashita

There’s a special flair Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) has when it comes to some of their shows. They’ll occasionally name a wrestler or unit in charge for a show. Their personality will show via the booking of the match. DAMNATION has a show coming up, Saki Akai had one, and now Chris Brookes is the most recent name to obtain this treatment. On the sixth of July at ShinKiba, in front of a no fans venue, the Chris Brookes Produce Show will take place.

Two matches have been named for the event. Chris Brookes will take on Tokyo Joshi Pro’s Miyu Yamashita in a match that is tangentially related to their canceled match from Mania weekend. This was a tag match between Neo Itoh Respect Army and Miyu and Konosuke Takeshita. The other match announced is described as a “Super Hardcore, Hardcore match” between Big Japan Pro Wrestling’s (BJW) Drew Parker and ALL OUT’s Shunma Katsumata. The Super Hardcore is in reference to Shunma’s alternate persona that he brings out during hardcore matches; this is called Super Hardcore. The final announcement is a special talk show. With the show being so close, more matches may be announced quickly.

This entire show will be broadcasted in English, from commentary to the talk show, according to the announcement. This, alongside the Universal Title signals DDT’s attempts to branch out into other markets with more focus on international fans. They even adjusted the time of the show to suit the fans as this will be taking place at 10:30 in the morning JST, which translates roughly to 9:30 at night EST. Either way, the Chris Brookes Produce Show is a positive sign for the company. If successful, it could lead to bigger things.

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