British Wrestling Revolution Revamps Leadership Team

While the #SpeakingOut movement showed a history of gross misconduct in various areas of the pro wrestling industry, from sexual assault to emotional manipulation, it was the scene in the United Kingdom that seemed to take the largest hit. As a response, multiple promotions around the UK scene (and the world) have begun to take drastic measures to ensure new safeguards by reshuffling their own leadership teams to ensure that women are being heard and have a stronger presence in their administrations. On Saturday, British Wrestling Revolution (BWR), a UK indie based out of Lincolnshire, England that debuted in 2017, announced the addition of Lucy Openshaw to the team as the new Chief Brand Officer. Lucy Openshaw was one of the main leaders behind the #SpeakingOut movement and has also worked in the industry as a ring announcer.

“Lucy joins us in the role of Chief Brand Officer,” the statement from BWR said, ” responsible for ensuring BWR’s brand strength and growth. Lucy will oversee ll aspects of BWR’s brand, public relations and community engagement.” It was also mentioned that Lucy will be a part of the safeguarding team with James Hannah, a former pro wrestler who is “a fully trained and qualified education, health and social care worker with over 15 years experience.” Lucy Openshaw stated in a follow-up tweet that while she is not a fully trained safeguard officer, she will be undergoing the training and acting as a “female rep people can turn to” while working under James Hannah.

British Wrestling Revolution opened in 2017 with their first event, BWR Uprising in July of 2017, and current boast Rampage Brown as the BWR Heavyweight Champion and Gia Adams as the BWR Women’s Champion.

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