Preview: Gatoh Move ChocoPro #27 (6/28/20)


This second to last episode of ChocoPro for the month is a stacked one. Unlike events in the past, this show will feature singles matches across the board, including a Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling stalwart testing her mettle against the founder of the company. The latter will have to keep eyes in the back of her head, however, as she is destined to face a heated rival on the final episode of June. Without any further ado, let’s get into this show’s card.

Tokiko Kirihara vs. Mei Suruga

One of the candidates for MVP of ChocoPro season two has been Tokiko Kirihara. Also known as “Otoki-san,” Kirihara has wrestled on a majority of shows, both in singles and tag team competition alike. Though her win-loss record has left something to be desired, her kickboxing experience and overall determination made her a formidable opponent. Simply put, if a wrestler were to score a victory over Kirihara, they earned it.

Kirihara is looking to finally add a win to her ChocoPro resume, however, and she plans to do so at the expense of Mei Suruga. As the upbeat “apple” of Gatoh Move, Suruga has been one of the company’s star competitors since 2018. She also recently found a rhythm with Baliyan Akki, forming the team known as Best Bros. “Mei-chan” won’t be able to rely on her partner, however, in this one-on-one encounter with Kirihara.

Lulu Pencil vs. Baliyan Akki

It’s been said that, with each match, her power grows. “The Mightiest” Lulu Pencil has developed a cult following for herself since late 2019, due in part to her comedic antics and surprising resourcefulness. Though she may not be quite the most powerful fighter in Gatoh Move, she endeavors to continually grow. On this episode of ChocoPro, such a task will be easier said than done, as she goes up against the high-flying sensation from India, Baliyan Akki.

Baliyan Akki had been a regular competitor for Gatoh Move in the past, but it wasn’t until ChocoPro debuted that he became ingrained in the company. He has done everything from offering English translations to performing in fast-paced matches. In this upcoming contest against Lulu Pencil, Akki will have to be especially mindful. What Lulu Pencil lacks in brute power she makes up in cunning. Expect this match to feature the comedy that has become a staple of Gatoh Move.

Mitsuru Konno vs. Emi Sakura (ChocoPro Main Event)

Emi Sakura has had a busy couple of months. This should come as no surprise given her work as Gatoh Move’s founder. However, during this time, Sakura has become the target of Yuna Mizumori. Their rivalry has been the longest-running story in ChocoPro, and while their upcoming match will be one not to miss, Sakura will have one final challenge to overcome beforehand. Enter the beer-loving star of Gatoh Move, Mitsuru Konno.

While Sakura will be wrestling this match to sustain momentum, Konno will do so with the purpose of rebuilding her own. While Konno hasn’t had the worst win-loss record in Gatoh Move, her career since her recent return hasn’t gone quite the way she had planned. Sakura will be a tall challenge, to say the least, but to secure a win over her would be substantial. This would reinvigorate the fighter in blue, making her that much more of a threat in Gatoh Move.

ChocoPro #27 will air on June 28th at 10 AM JST (June 27th at 9 PM ET.)

It will air live on the Gatoh Move YouTube channel for free before being available for on-demand viewing afterward. To support the company, you can sign up for their Patreon, which features multiple tiers, or their own on-demand streaming service linked below.

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