Victory Thorugh Guts – A Joshi Podcast: Japan Grand Prix 1990 Review

Victory Through Guts A Joshi Podcast

Victory Through Guts: A Joshi Podcast is a new podcast from two of our contributors Alex Richards and Dylan Murray as they take a journey through All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling (AJW).  Episode 3 sees them move on to reviewing the mess of a show that was the 1990 Japan Grand Prix

In this episode they discuss:

  • Each match from the Japan Grand Prix 1990
  • Analysis of the finishes and the eventual winner
  • Commentary on the state of AJW’s main event scene
  • Coverage of the undercard matches including a Martial-Arts Fight and an All-Pacific Championship defense

“In this episode of the Victory Through Guts Podcast, Alex & Dylan recount the 1990 Japan Grand Prix. The smallest tournament held by AJW, the 1990 GP only featured 7 competitors and was full of blunders and mishaps that made for a chaotic tournament and, as a result, a chaotic podcast. The show also featured Bat Yoshinaga, Aja Kong & Suzuka Minami in non-tournament matches, along with a tournament lineup featuring the likes of Yumiko Hotta, Akira Hokuto, Mitsuko Nishiwaki, and Manami Toyota. Please Enjoy!”

The podcast can be found on Anchor FM and Spotify

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