Restarting A Riot: The Reunion Between Liv Morgan And Ruby Riott Is A Win-Win

On Monday Night Raw, Liv Morgan lost to Natalya via Sharpshooter. This was rightfully proceeded by the fans freaking out on social media as the handling of Morgan continued to be questionable at best. Not only has she been losing, but on the end of the receiving fall multiple times. This comes after her hopeful rise to a better spot on the roster. Sadly, nothing was coming from it. But then there was a moment of hope that was only teased on Raw. In the back, Morgan walked past her former partner and best friend, Ruby Riott. Riott has been off TV since the two faced off two months ago.

As Morgan was walking in the back, Riott seemed to be offering a hand of friendship after Liv faced another loss. But Morgan had no faith in her one time best friend, telling her this was not the time.

Considering the timing and the hinting here, something says that this is only the beginning of a longer story. One, that if told right, could help both these talented women get on TV more and finally find the success that they should be getting as singles talent.

Let’s take a look at the mishandling of both women and why them getting back together as one unit could be best for their careers.

Liv Morgan — The Troubled Yet Budding Held Back Star

The saddest part about the handling of Liv Morgan is simply how improved and talented she has become. When she debuted on NXT all those years ago in 2015, she was incredibly raw and admittedly wasn’t ready. To be fair to her, this was her first year in wrestling. Of course she wasn’t ready. In the five years since, she has not only gotten better, but has become one of the most enjoyable to watch in the ring. When she returned in late 2019, it wasn’t in a way anyone expected. Paul Heyman tried to pop a reaction out of people with the “Lana‘s other lover” angle. It was almost dropped immediately for the reason that no one felt that was the way to go with Liv. Now, her gimmick seems to continue what we knew about her before.

She is troubled as she is trying to find herself since leaving the Riott Squad and losing to Charlotte Flair on SmackDown Live in July of 2019. Yes, that is how long they have been trying to figure out that Liv Morgan is so talented that just letting her wrestle and develop her character will work. Almost one year later and they are still unsure. Morgan has all the potential in the world and very well could grow if just given the chance. But here we are. At this point, anything to get Morgan back to winning and being on TV is acceptable. And their is far worse things… like being associated with Lana. Her and Ruby are close and could be a real fun team together.

As long as this doesn’t go on for another two years so Liv can get back to being a singles, all the better.

Ruby Riott — The Incredibly Talented Directionless Leader

Ruby Riott was brought back to feud with Liv Morgan and nothing else. As soon as their quick rivalry was over, they seemed to forget she existed. This is the same women who was trusted to have two championship matches with Ronda Rousey during her championship run. The same who led the Riott Squad to be one of the more entertaining acts despite little to no direction. And that is where she currently ranks. Incredible talented, yes. But even more directionless than Liv Morgan. At least Morgan’s gimmick seems to be growing through Twitter and vignettes. Riott lost to Morgan and was not seen again until last night. Perhaps bringing in her grown, but still lost friend is something that can work. Considering their past together, Riott’s expertise could serve well to Morgan’s raw story.

Any combination of these two has been awesome on television, so the return of them together would be that. Ruby Riott is incredible in the ring and needs to get the chance to show that again. She also has some solid experience in tag team wrestling, being Dakota Kai‘s partner in Shimmer.

This is the right combination for both right now. It could lead to something greater for both. Even if she may not totally be feeling it yet.

Return Of The Riott Squad For WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

These two are good. And the possible re-pairing can let them show that. They are not going to be in the championship hunt anytime soon but there is an already built story here. Since the end of the Riott Squad, neither one has had much success. Finding each other and coming back together can be the start to that. Sasha Banks and Bayley are honestly the perfect top team to face these two top underdogs down the line. These two can be natural babyfaces against Banks and Bayley, who’s run with the tag titles is on more borrowed time than some may hope. And there isn’t a super clear team to dethrone them. Until now. Liv needs some guidance in her career. She’s lost. Let Ruby be the one to help her.

Considering Liv Morgan’s talent and complete different character from who Ruby is, the odd ball pairing of the former friends is the way to go. These two have something in each of them that needs to be utilized. Together is better than apart for the time being.

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