Return To Rated-R: Edge Berates Orton in Scathing Promo


We know that Edge had to undergo surgery following “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” at Backlash. And no one really expected to hear from him due to the severity, as the torn tricep is expected to keep him out until the end of 2020 at the earliest. However, on Monday Night Raw, he appeared to provide an injury update. What followed happened to be one of the best promos of the year.

As he sat in the middle of the dark squared circle, he gave off a feeling of rage and meaning. Something that only a few can find. Edge has always been a gifted promo is this was one of those cases. He discussed Randy Orton and how he felt “The Viper” took advantage of his injured friend, Christian. The anger built more and more inside him as the promo went on. He discussed the idea that Orton was relieved to walk out of Backlash with the win. Edge made it clear that defeating Orton he expected in his career, not something he’d be surprised by.

“see i don’t care about winning a wrestling match now, randy. i’m going to embarrass you.”

Edge was clear that his goal was to ruin Orton’s career. Find that former place in himself that did it so many times.

“i know you got voices in your head but join me into the chorus because i am going to be screaming louder than all of them.”

Orton struck something in Edge. That chord that hasn’t been seen in over nine years since his retirement. The return of “The Legend Killer” has been something Orton has been focusing on as of late. Well, that isn’t the only old, solidified nickname and persona returning if Edge is to be believed.

“you woke up the evil. you woke up the rated-r superstar.”

“The Rated-R Superstar” was the nickname for Edge for most of his singles career. He did what he wanted with zero regards for anything else. While he has matured and faced a lot more since receiving the name, it’s clear that zero care attitude is back. Edge vows to make Orton’s life a living hell. And while it will not be an instant pay off to see Match No. 3 between the two, Edge certainly made you want to see it more than you had before.

Photo: WWE

When Edge returns, expect to see shades of his former self. The former self that made him an 11-time world champion and one of the true legends of WWE. When it comes to promos in WWE, no one may touch Edge in terms of greatness. If this is the last we hear from Edge until his return, so be it.

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