Preview: Peter Pan 2020 Day Two (6/7/20)

Peter Pan 2020 Day One

With Peter Pan 2020 Night One in the books Night two aims to end things on a high note. This card contains multiple title matches, as well as showings from other promotions. It is also the endpoint for what DDT has been building to since the beginning of the year, the final cash-in of the Right to Challenge Sword.

Super Sasadango Machine Remote Produce Match: Toru Owashi vs Antonio Honda

Peter Pan Day Two

Taking a break from challenging for the Ironman Heavyweight Title for a bit Antonio Honda is put in this match of a mystery type. He is going up against the always intimidating Toru Owashi, who has been absent during the DDT TV Show run. Will this match be a welcome back for Owashi or just a short obstacle for Honda to go through before going back to fighting for the Ironman Heavymetalweight title.

Yuka Sakazaki/Miyu Yamashita/Shoko Nakajima vs Rika Tatsumi/Nodoka Tenma/Yuki Aino

In Tokyo Joshi Pro‘s offering to Peter Pan 2020, they’re sending their brightest stars to the show to compete in a six-woman tag match. This match for the most part will be light on character and more focused on them showcasing what they can do in the ring. Though with a team of Yuka, Miyu, and Shoko it’s hard to have a match that’s completely lacking in character.  Expect the Yuka/Miyu/Shoko superteam to win as they are the last three holders of the Princess Of Princess Championship.

NEO-Itoh Respect Army (Maki Itoh/Chris Brookes) vs Eruption (Saki Akai/Yukio Sakaguchi) 

Peter Pan 2020 Day Two

Two of the new breed of teams collide.  Chris Brookes and Maki Itoh have an undeniable chemistry that has caused the Tokyo Joshi Pro star to make more frequent appearances on the DDT roster, most notably the two got a win over HARASHIMA and Pokotan. At Peter Pan 2020 the two will go up against Eruption, who while they failed in their promise to dominate the main event scene are still mainly undefeated in tag matches. Saki Akai comes off of a wave of momentum from winning her past two matches and Yukio Sakaguchi got a recent win over a team that contained Chris Brookes. It’ll be a tough struggle for both teams.

DDT Extreme Title: Shinya Aoki (c) vs Yukio Naya

Shinya Aoki has declared some very strange rules for the Extreme title even by Extreme rule standards. And this match is no different as this title match is being contested under “Stay at Home Request Lifting Celebration” Rules. As to what that means only Shinya Aoki could guess. But it will no doubt lead to an interesting title match against Yukio Naya.

Ironman Heavymetalweight Title: Danshoku Dieno (c) vs Makoto Oishii

Peter Pan 2020 Day 2

Danshoku Dieno is ready to move on with his list and is moving onto someone he has a lot of history with in Makoto Oishii. These two were chomping at the bit to get at each other so bad they wanted to have the match on June 2nd but it kept getting delayed due to mishaps and mistakes. So why not just have it at Peter Pan 2020? Hopefully this time there will be no mishaps that will delay it.

HARASHIMA/Naomichi Marafuji vs MAO/ASUKA

HARASHIMA and Naomichi Marafuji are the aces of DDT and Noah respectively. At the same time, MAO was the final gauntlet holder but due to an injury, he couldn’t cash in before it expired. Normally he would go back to teaming with his partner Mike Bailey as part of the Moonlight Express team but the COVID-19 lockdown has prevented Bailey from entering the country. Standing in his place is Joshi freelancer ASUKA who has made many appearances for DDT including having a great Extreme title match at last year’s Peter Pan.

KO-D Tag Championship: Nautilus (Yuki Ueno/Naomi Yoshimura) (c) vs #STRONGHEARTS (T-HAWK/El Lindaman) 

Peter Pan 2020 Day 2

#STRONGHEARTS have made quite the impact on the DDT landscape ever since aligning themselves with DAMNATION, and are currently the holders of the six-man tag titles with Tetsuya Endo. After defending said titles on the go-home DDT TV Show against a DISASTER BOX trio that included Nautilus #STRONGHEARTS challenged for the tag titles in return for giving out a shot at their six-man titles. Nautilus has been proven to be a powerful tag unit, but could the wave of momentum #STRONGHEARTS is riding carry them to victory?

KO-D Openweight Title: Masato Tanaka (c) vs Tetsuya Endo

It all comes down to this, the Sword is being used for its purpose. Giving the holder a main event title match against the KO-D Openweight Champion Masato Tanaka. Throughout his current tour of the company Tanaka has yet to be beaten, and has defeated a number of former KO-D champions. Tetsuya Endo should not be doubted however as he is a former KO-D champion and this marks his second year in a row main eventing a Peter Pan. While last year he lost the title, this year he looks to regain what he lost and end the show as a double champion.

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