Joshi Watch: Hyper Misao

Hyper Misao
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Can professional wrestling save a life? Surrounded by all the dark stories, it seems unlikely that professional wrestling has that ability. But with Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s (TJPW) resident protector of Peace and Love Hyper Misao that was just the case. Before her story can begin, it begins with one of Dramatic Dream Team‘s signature matches the street wrestling match.

This particular match was the DDT “Hand Made Festival” match which was at this point becoming an annual event in 2014. There in the crowd would be Hyper Misao, before she had even heard of wrestling. She was living with her parents, rarely left her home, and didn’t hold a job, only eating cream puffs due to their high-calorie count and ease of eating. She described herself as lost in life, and only staying alive for the sake of her family. But on that fateful day, she fell in love with the weird world of pro wrestling which ended with Jun Kasai leaping from a ladder to perform his patented Pearl Harbor Splash.

In 2015, she would debut with a superhero persona that connected to the Tokyo Joshi Pro audience very quickly. Giving off a more comedic flair to the typical hero gimmick, she often tried outsmarting her opponent or using underhanded tactics to get the victory. This would often fail requiring her to use her true finisher the Jun Kasai inspired “I Am A Hero!” crossbody. However, this usually lead to her downfall. In fact, for the first few years, she ended up with a losing record most notably having zero wins in 2017.

This did not deter Hyper Misao. After a match, she told her story to the world. With that, she put out an open challenge for a falls count anywhere match with the hopes that she could make someone feel the same that she did that very day. The opponent that answered was Jun Kasai. At YES! Wonderland 2018, they fought in a “finish a bag of chocolate cream puffs or pinfall is disabled Deathmatch.” This match was a wild brawl, but in the end, Kasai won. He ended up calling the cream puff rule stupid and a horrible idea. However, he said they were the best-tasting chocolates he had and considered Misao a worthy rival.

With things looking up, her first taste of success wouldn’t come until 2019. It did, though, come at a price. The losses had taken their toll on Hyper Misao’s morale and she started to see herself as weak. In an act of loyalty to Sakisama, she cut up her mask and joined NEO-Biishiki Gun. She then only became known as Misao and begun ending matches with a more vicious move called the Vanitas, and quickly the two would become Princess Tag Champions.

The two would hold the titles until late into the year. They would encounter the National Protest to Bring Hyper Misao home of Rika Tatsumi and Raku. The protest would fail time and time again using old Hyper Misao tactics to try to bring out the old Hyper Misao. It wasn’t until Tatsumi challenged Misao to a eat a bag of chocolate puff or fall count is disabled match. Misao declined it, declaring the rule stupid. A normal match would go forward with Tatsumi winning.

Misao would go on to tell Sakisama that it was time for her to be independent. Sakisama didn’t take this well and the two had a match. Hyper Misao lost but was given her mask back. When the two shook hands, Hyper Misao kicked Sakisama in the stomach and announced that she was back.

Ironically, 2020 has been her best year, racking up huge victories. She has slowly become a more prominent face of the Tokyo Joshi Pro roster in spite of her lack of success. Furthermore, she brought the weirdness of DDT with her, the very style of wrestling that saved her; the one she is now the hero of.

Miyu Yamishita and Hyper Misao vs Priscilla Kelly and Shoko Nakajima


NEO Biishiki Gun vs Pom Harajuku and Rika Tatsumi

Hyper Misao and Shoko Nakajima vs Reika Saiki and Azusa Takigawa

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