DDT Universe Rebrands As Wrestle Universe

Wrestle Universe
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DDT Universe is the streaming service for the DDT promotion, over time this grew to incorporate DDT’s sub-promotions like Ganbare Pro, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, and Cyberagent’s most recent purchase Pro Wrestling NOAH.  To reflect this change they have decided to rebrand to Wrestle Universe.

The simple act of changing their name isn’t newsworthy but instead once must look at the intent behind the change.  TJPW has more and more grown to be its own entity with the Joshi promotion garnering its own fanbase away from DDT, now TJPW can have more of it’s won identity as part of the Wrestle Universe.

It also seems to hint at a desire for Cyberagent to grow their network of promotions.  Their recent acquisition of Pro Wrestling NOAH was a statement of intent to continue to grow their brand and professional wrestling as a whole as they welcomed a promotion to their service that has a much different philosophy from DDT.  With the rebrand to Wrestle Universe we may see more and more promotions come under this umbrella and reap the rewards of being a Cyberagent owned entity with a ready-made streaming service available and potential talent sharing opportunities with DDT and NOAH available.

People talk about the IWGP conception headed by NJPW and the WWE monopoly of the localized NXT’s and feeder promotions but Cyberagent looks to be joining the race as they look to grow and expand the Wrestle Universe brand and maybe welcome more promotions from all over the world to their service.

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