How Does RAW’s Women’s Division Replace Its Top Star Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch

The Monday Night Raw landscape has been completely shaken. Becky Lynch is no longer Raw Women’s Champion following her announcement that she is pregnant and will be a mother. And to add to that, we already have a new Raw Women’s Champion in the 2020 Women’s Money in the Bank winner, Asuka. 24 hours of complete insanity will hopefully begin to slow down as Raw‘s world has been flipped upside down, especially in its women’s division. Not only did the show lose their top performer in Becky Lynch, but a champion in the meantime.

And while Asuka can certainly hold her own, the rest of the division could be in trouble. “The Man” is not around anymore, meaning it is now time to analyze the division that the company has on hand for the foreseeable future and what the company may need to do with Becky Lynch gone for what could be the next year at least (or far longer).

A Fresh Start For A Stacked Division

A fresh start can be a good thing, especially after a year-long reign of dominance over the division. Becky Lynch is going to be missed. That’s a fact. But as she stood dominant, other athletes on the roster and in the division fell victim because of it. Since the beginning of 2020, they started to restock and reload as they head into Year 2 of Becky’s run. With all this talent and no Lynch to be in the way, there’s an opportunity to be had. It all begins with the #AndNEW champion of the division and the one who received the seal of approval fro the now former champion.


Becky Lynch

What an insane 24 hours for “The Empress of Tomorrow.” As she climbed up the corporate ladder, many fans would agree she was not the favorite in terms of who WWE would end up deciding should win. But hard work can and usually does pay off for people and that’s what happened for Asuka. She has been given the Raw Women’s Championship following her incredible win on Sunday night and the Lynch decision. Now, it’s her division to run moving forward. While another year-long reign is in no way something people are hoping for, a healthy and strong run at the top is what she has earned. As the center of this new look division, Asuka should not only be seen as a threat but what she has for months now: the companies most entertaining talent.

The new Raw Women’s Champion showed that to the world as she celebrated her win when Lynch revealed what she had accomplished. And even more so, her reaction to Lynch’s news of being pregnant was one of the purest things you can see. It wouldn’t come too much as a surprise if Becky selected Asuka to be the one that carried the championship first after her history-making run. Like Samoa Joe, the whole division has to be on notice with Asuka on top of the world.

Charlotte Flair

Right time, right place. Charlotte Flair has been at the top before and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. You know that WWE wants to utilize the Four Horsewomen any chance they get and with losing Becky Lynch, their “panic” move could be getting Flair back on Raw full-time. As the current NXT Women’s Champion, there is no guarantee that this is the path they follow, but be wary. Charlotte could be the face of the Raw Women’s Division once again depending on how the next few weeks or months.

Shayna Baszler

Most would agree that Shayna Baszler and Asuka are destined for each other. If given the chance, they can be the first two to feud over “The Man-less” Raw Women’s Championship in the coming months. Baszler was a champion NXT for a reason. She can be the woman at the top and with Lynch on her way out, she can stop worrying about her. Baszler is a killer and has continuously looked strong despite coming up short twice now. The division needs a few names to establish themselves at the top and this is the time for “The Queen of Spades.”

Nia Jax

Nia Jax made her return to WWE television immediately after WrestleMania and was close to capturing the Money in the Bank before coming up short in the end. As a former Raw Women’s Champion and one of their most unique talents still to this day, her spot on top is the closest lock to Charlotte’s. Her role will not change, but many fans will agree she has some work to do before being awarded a title or another opportunity even.

Liv Morgan

One of the most interesting wrestlers to discuss on this list is Liv Morgan. Morgan has shown to be one of the best up-and-coming superstars WWE has. She has shown some incredible improvement in the ring and is clearly earning a prominent role with her performances. It was only a week ago that Morgan brought Charlotte to the max before having to tap out as “The Queen” was too much. But since Morgan has taken herself away from the Lana angle, she has been nothing but impressive. The removal of Lynch can allow Morgan to be one of the best beneficiaries on the entire roster. Especially with the small number of babyfaces on the roster.

Ruby Riott

Ruby Riott is a talent that most would agree has been miscast since returning from injury. No time is better than the present to fix that, however. Riott has suffered two straight losses to Morgan in recent weeks which makes people wonder what could be next. An attitude change would have made sense if she wasn’t a heel, but she is and has been caught with two terribly tough losses in the result. With a roster struggling to have many babyfaces, this may be the time for Riott to take advantage. She served as one in NXT before being called to the main roster and was one of the rosters most beloved during that time. A new avenue for the direction-less Riott seems to be the best route.

Zelina Vega

The only woman to be on TV more than anyone in recent months has been Zelina Vega. Rarely does Vega wrestle but when she does, she dazzles. Add in the fact that she can talk and has a unique situation could help lead her to the top. There is nothing that guarantees success in this company, but whatever it is, Vega seems to have a tight hold of it. If she can turn that into an appearance on television as a wrestler week after week, she could easily rise to the top through lying and cheating.

Bianca Belair

Becky Lynch

Ah, the most anticipated wrestler on the roster can take her place atop the division when given the opportunity. Bianca Belair has “it.” Anyone would agree on that. There is no bigger time in history to do so than at this very moment. Lynch is out of the picture with the best reason of all, leaving WWE looking for answers. Belair can and should be that answer. At 31 years of age, the sky is the limit, and gold should be around her waist as soon as possible. Give Asuka one heck of a run with the Raw Women’s Championship before being dethroned by the future. “The EST of WWE” is ready to take the division by storm when given the chance.

Star Power Problem

The real problem that will now present itself on Monday nights is the star power problem with Lynch no longer in the picture. She was the star, the one who ran the show and people turned it on to watch. They do not have that anymore. And if anything, Charlotte has shown that she doesn’t fit the bill to be a box office attraction in terms of viewers. Many of the ladies named above are uberly talented, but they have work to do in one of the toughest atmospheres to do it. Just over a year after Lynch’s crowning moment, WWE has no choice but to name a new face of the company. Both Lynch and Roman Reigns are gone. It’s scary but exciting at the same time for fans to behold. WWE has some mega question marks that need answers.

The Wild Card(s) Of Possibilities

In WWE, there’s never really anything set in stone. Anything can change and this situation is proof of that. What follows is panic, thoughts, and unexpected results at times. Nothing is for certain moving forward on Raw or the women’s division throughout the company. “The Man” Becky Lynch is gone and that star power has to be replaced. Enter the possible wild cards that could present itself within the next number of months.

Return of Ronda Rousey

There is nothing bigger than the idea of Ronda Rousey walking back into the WWE. Nothing. Rousey has been rumored for months to possibly be making her way back but so far, there is no indication that may be happening. With viewers down and Becky Lynch pregnant, there will not be a better time for the “Rowdy” one to return. With this new wild card type rule back on WWE TV, it would make even more sense for the return of Rousey to occur. When she was on top, many believe it held some down but at this point, WWE will do anything to get a top star on their shows again. Sometimes money speaks louder than anything else, and WWE has that if they want Rousey back. But Rousey will have to want to be back if it were to work out.

The Signing of “The Undeniable” Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard

Here at LWOPW, we pay attention to all companies and their happenings as time goes on. And that happens to include IMPACT Wrestling, who’s current world champion’s contract is rumored to be expiring in a mere two months. For those who may not be too informed on the outside happenings of WWE, that woman is Tessa Blanchard. Blanchard is pound for pound one of the best wrestlers in the United States that is not signed to the WWE. There is plenty to be said about her behavior and stories that continue to rise as time goes on, but the talent is there and that is all that could matter for the WWE. At just 25 years old, she can come in and immediately be the face of a division that is awaiting a new face.

We are not saying there are rumors of this move happening as this is pure speculation. And the rumors of her “burning her bridges” with WWE can be avoided with a meeting or two. You cannot deny the talent of “The Undeniable” history-maker, and WWE may not be able to either if she does hit free agency within the next few months. It’s just a thought that could become a reality for the third-generation wrestler.

What Comes Next

What will be next for WWE? They seem to be welcoming the “Wild Card” Rule back in a lenient way with networks demanding viewers. That could put a wrench into the Raw Women’s Division, but it shouldn’t. These are the times to try and establish those who need to be established and take chances with talents that may not get it if these shows were normal. WWE must take a chance that they wouldn’t before with these women because they do not have Becky Lynch to count on moving forward. What comes next is simple for WWE — Move forward.

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