Money in the Bank: Asuka, Otis Win Briefcases – How They May Cash-In

Sunday night has come and gone, meaning the 2020 Money in the Bank PPV has as well, meaning new Miss and Mr. Money in the Bank have been crowned. In a series of stunning events, the climb of the corporate ladder showed the world an inside look of WWE Headquarters and a new future in the WWE. That new future is one of overly pleasing the fans, as Asuka brought down the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase and Otis stunned everyone by catching the Men’s Money in the Bank and becoming the winner. By now, you probably know this, so we are here to explore what both Asuka and Otis may decide regarding their briefcase.

Asuka’s Potential Cash-In

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For a long time, fans have wanted Asuka to rise to the top of the WWE and remain there for the remainder of her career. It hasn’t been all ups and downs for her, as she is just a year removed from getting her SmackDown Women’s Championship taken from her right before WrestleMania and not getting a shot to get it back. But that didn’t hurt Asuka, but perhaps inspired her. She became a team with Kairi Sane and finally found herself on the main roster. Never did she alter from her vicious ways, but became angrier and realized she should do anything to win. Once Sane and she captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, “The Empress of Tomorrow” established herself as the best act in the company.

Her dancing ways and continuous rants have made her must-see TV and most could assume it gave her this opportunity to rise to the top once again. Now, Asuka can be Raw Women’s Champion for the first time in her career with the perfect cash-in.

Challenge Becky Lynch Straight Up
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Something about Asuka that people love is her uncertainty as a wild card. Heel, face, whatever. She is going to risk it all in the way only Asuka knows. Giving Becky Lynch notice to beat her fair and square would be a decision most would disagree with, but that’s Asuka. Only a few months removed from losing to Lynch not once, but twice, this would be Asuka’s most insane but maybe least surprising decision.

Attack The Champion At Her Weakest
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Becky Lynch has been unbeatable. That’s a simple fact. She has managed to escape battles with Asuka and Shayna Baszler in the last number of months to solidify her reign to an even greater degree. Even if it is not a dominating fashion, it has been an accomplishment either way. That makes Asuka seizing the opportunity when Lynch is beaten down or broken in a way she has rarely been perfect. There is a real opportunity that Baszler is nowhere near done with “The Man,” making yet another attack incredibly possible. Asuka’s best bet to become the Raw Women’s Champion is to wait and pounce when the opportunity is presented.

Whichever decision Asuka eventually makes, watching her with that briefcase is going to be one of the best parts of WWE TV moving forward. Let’s just hope when she no longer has it, it’s because she is holding the Raw Women’s Championship. It’s her time to shine as she has shown to have what it takes time after time. Seizing the opportunity will be her best bet when it comes to Lynch.

Otis’ Potential Cash-In

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No one believes this man is the Men’s Money in the Bank winner but no one is complaining either. Otis has had one heck of six months. He has become a prominent figure on SmackDown with his relationship with Mandy Rose and has been rising to stardom slowly. With his accidental, but an almost perfectly styled win on Sunday, the chances are now endless to make Otis an even bigger star. Here’s how he could cash-in the briefcase.

Cash-In For The Universal Championship Following A Fiend Attack

It’s hard to believe a man that does the Caterpillar as his finisher will defeat Braun Strowman in a noble way. However, if he understands the opportunity that he possesses, he will await when Strowman is weakened to strike. That chance may be approaching as “The Fiend” was teased to step back into the spotlight to go after Strowman after he backstabbed Bray Wyatt. If “The Fiend” is lurking and puts down Strowman, it presents the possibility of Otis cashing in and shocking the world as the Universal Champion.

Forego The World Championship, Cashing In For Him And Tucker To Become Tag Team Champions
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Otis is an unprecedented story in reality. He doesn’t look the part, but what he proves to be is a storyteller and one of the fans’ absolute favorite. No one expects him to win the Universal Championship. It’s difficult to believe that with his current standing. But what is not difficult to believe is an unprecedented cash-in by Otis. That cash-in is for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships with his best friend, Tucker. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, he even said that would be the only championship he would dare to cash-in for. “If I get the briefcase, we’re challenging for the Tag Team titles,” he told Digital Spy last week. “I don’t think there’s a rule of what titles to challenge for, so we’re going to challenge for the Tag Team titles, cash it in and that’s what’s going to happen… if I can get up that ladder.” It would show the world that Otis is who he says he is, and he can finally share the gold with his best friend. And honestly, it would open up so many more possibilities going forward for the briefcase if it were to go down.

Money in the Bank delivered one of the most fan-friendly results in a long time, giving the company intrigue that is has been missing since WrestleMania. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how exactly these briefcases are handled. All we can really hope is that they bring a certain prestige back to the briefcase, even if that is without it necessarily being cash-in on the world title when it comes to the men.

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