The Strangest Moments in the Career of the Big Show

Big Show

True to his name, the Big Show is a wrestler whose career has truly been larger than life in many ways. By age twelve, Big Show was a towering 6’2.  Eventually reaching 7 feet and over 300 lbs in high school, it’s unfathomable that he could have ended up anywhere besides the pro wrestling ring, and we’re glad he did. A fan favorite and standout wrestler, his career has been a legendary chapter in professional wrestling comparable to the all time greats like Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant.

When we look back on Big Show’s career there are an unfathomable amount of high energy and record breaking moments. Across the many promotions he’s wrestled for, he has won over 20 championship titles and just as many awards. Truly he is one of the greatest of all time. While it’s easy to get caught up in the best moments of his career, some of the stranger ones have been forgotten. Let’s dive into some of the most unusual moments in the Big Show’s career.

Photo By Mattrobs

Big Show Goes Sumo

Professional Wrestling is known for its outrageous storylines and characters, but this particular moment left us with a sense of unease at the absurdity of it all. Even in wrestling, we just were not prepared to see Big Show so…stripped down.

At Wrestlemania 21, the Big Show had a sumo wrestling match with Japanese Sumo legend Akebono. While I’m sure the WWE was trying to bring in some Japanese wrestling fans with this stunt, it will be remembered as a moment that was strange, uncomfortable and off color, even for someone that is known for doing some pretty wacky things. The Big Show has even referred to it as his “most embarrassing moment.”

 Eddie Guerrero With The Septic Truck

At times, it feels as though the WWE has pushed all the storylines they can come up with and are grasping for more ways to shock the audience. This was definitely one of those moments. While Big Show was in the ring, the legendary wrestler Eddie Guerrero appeared to be driving a septic truck to the stage. After a typical monologue, Guerrero grabbed a hose attached to the truck and absolutely drenched the Big Show with a mysterious brown liquid that has yet to be identified to this day. While this moment certainly came with the shock the WWE was looking for, it left fans both grossed out and unsettled. What a truly bizarre moment in professional wrestling.

The Mayweather Event

Then there was the time that the boxer Floyd Mayweather made a completely unforeseen venture into the world of WWE when he faced off against the Big Show at WrestleMania 24. While it was an incredibly off color move for the Mayweather brand, it was just one of the many unlikely match-ups seen in sports over the years. Big Show played his part well in this one accepting a scripted loss, yet we all were secretly hoping the Big Show would devastate the arrogant Mayweather. The event felt forced and out of place, two worlds that shouldn’t have come together. Out of all the strange crossovers through the years, this one just didn’t have a lot of magic to it.

The Funeral Fiasco

This moment is one that is far from forgotten to most wrestling fans. While certainly unusual, this is one of the most flat out infamous moments in the history of the WWE for just how far it went. Of course, we’re referring to the funeral fiasco. In the midst of the legendary Big Show vs Big Bossman feud, the WWE had an idea for a storyline. Apparently the idea was to destroy the Big Show emotionally and scar wrestling fans for the rest of their lives, because that’s more or less what we got. The scenario played out like a twisted version of a bad soap opera. In the fictional storyline, Big Show’s father had just died and a funeral was prepared. During this funeral, Big Bossman would show up, hurl insults at the grieving Big Show, and then drag his father’s casket behind a vehicle while Big Show was clinging on to the top of it. While that is horrifying enough to hear, it’s made worse when you realize that the wrestler had actually lost his father in real life not long before this storyline was written. Truly a strange, horrible, and tasteless moment in a career filled with over the top theatrics.