Preview: PWA Black Label – Coming Out Of My Cave & I’ve Been Doing Just Fine (3/20/20)

Australian Wrestling PWA

Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) returns to Max Watts on Saturday despite panic surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Coming Out Of My Cave & I’ve Been Doing Just Fine will showcase a stacked card featuring some of the best talents from around the globe. 

During the evening fans will be treated to two championship clashes. The first of which features NJPW’s Robbie Eagles going against ‘The Arm Collector’ Jessica Troy in a long called for one-on-one clash. Then headlining the event will be a PWA Heavyweight Championship match between two of the hardest hitters on the planet, Caveman Ugg and Ricky South.

Let’s break down the card in more detail now.

PWA – Coming Out Of My Cave & I’ve Been Doing Just Fine

Sam Osborne W/Don Marnell vs Mick Moretti

Sam Osborne vs Mick Moretti

🤼🤼MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT🤼🤼PWA Presents: Coming out of my cave & I've been doing just fine….Mick Moretti vs Sam Osborne….Wahlberg lost to Madison Eagles (after being attacked backstage by the Nations) therefore failing Moretti's challenge to get a singles match with him. So we guess he's moving on? Osborne's looking to continue his winning streak under the Marnell Management Agency. This should be a HUGE CLASH to add to this already massive event.🎟️TICKETS: 🎟️🎥LIVE STREAM: 🎥#PWABlackLabel #PWACave

Posted by PWA – Pro Wrestling Australia on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Thanks to the close personal guidance of Don Marnell the career of Sam Osborne took an about-face at last month’s show. With a victory finally under his belt, Osborne has set his sights on his next challenge, ‘The Rapscallion’ Mick Moretti.

Moretti will be entering into this fight looking to avenge the loss of his fellow The Nations comrade, Adam Hoffman.

At last month’s show, Matty Wahlberg failed to rise to Moretti’s challenge, suffering a loss at the hands of the legendary Madison Eagles. As such Moretti can enter into this clash with ‘The Prize Bull’ with a sharp and focused mind.

However, Wahlberg has vowed that the rivalry is not over between himself and Moretti. So the question remains, how will he finally get his dream match against Moretti? Will we see Wahlberg become a factor in this contest?

Kai Drake with Michael Spencer vs Jude London with Paris De Silva

Jude London vs Kai Drake

🤼🤼MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT🤼🤼PWA Presents: Coming out of my cave & I've been doing just fine….Jude "The Dude" London vs Kai Drake – Pro Wrestler….🎟️TICKETS: 🎟️🎥LIVE STREAM: 🎥#PWABlackLabel #PWACave

Posted by PWA – Pro Wrestling Australia on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Back at last month’s show, the PWA faithful saw a clash between the two seconds in this match. This weekend the other halves of MK+ Ultra and The Velocities square off.

With MK+ Ultra still running around with the stolen PWA Tag Team Titles and constantly tormenting the true champions this rivalry is becoming ever more heated.

Whilst Paris De Silva gained a small modicum of revenge last month, with a victory over Michael Spencer, MK+ Ultra employed a dirty sneak attack post-match in order to walk out with the tag titles still in their possession.

Will Jude London be able to repeat the feat by defeating Kai Drake and finally regain possession of their championships?

PWWA Championship: Jessica Troy (c) vs Robbie Eagles

PWWA Championship: Jessica Troy vs Robbie Eagles

🤼🤼MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT🤼🤼PWA Presents: Coming out of my cave & I've been doing just fine….PWWA Championship: Jessica Troy (c) vs Robbie Eagles….Coming out of her cage match the Arm Collecor had been doing better than fine until she took a pinfall loss to Robbie Eagles at the PWA Academy event this past weekend. The PWA bred, New Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight is back and wants the PWWA Championship. This will be an instant classic.💺💺FRONT ROW IS ALREADY SOLD OUT!💺💺🎟️TICKETS: 🎟️🎥LIVE STREAM: 🎥#PWABlackLabel #PWACave

Posted by PWA – Pro Wrestling Australia on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Robbie Eagles made a shock return to PWA at the latest Academy Showcase event, replacing the missing Bel Pierce in a six-person tag team match. After managing to score a victory over the reigning PWWA Champion Eagles made his intentions clear, he has now set his sniper scope on the one title in PWA that he is yet to hold.

Since capturing the PWWA Championship Jessica Troy has proven to be a fighting champion. So much so that the PWWA Championship was rebranded from a women’s title to an intergender championship. From that moment Troy has seen off challenges from Shazza Mckenzie, Steph De Lander, Xena, Kingsley, Bel Pierce, Mat Diamond, and Orange Cassidy. This weekend though Troy faces her toughest challenge to date when she battles CHAOS‘ Robbie Eagles. 

The PWA faithful have been given small glimpses of what can be expected when these two clash via tag team matches. The first of which occurred almost a year to the day ago when The Nations (Jack J. Bonza & Jessica Troy) battled Robbie Eagles and Shazza McKenzie.

To say this is a dream match may be a little too premature, but it certainly a match which the PWA fanbase has been long wishing for.

Jack J. Bonza & Kingsley vs Aaron Jake & Rhys Angel

Bonza/Kingsley vs Jake/Angel

🤼🤼MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT🤼🤼PWA Presents: Coming out of my cave & I've been doing just fine….Jack J. Bonza/Kingsley – Pro Wrestler vs Rhys Angel/Aaron Jake….Both teams coming off of wins, who's gonna take this one out and possibly earn themselves a Championship Match!🎟️TICKETS: 🎟️🎥LIVE STREAM: 🎥#PWABlackLabel #PWACave

Posted by PWA – Pro Wrestling Australia on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Both teams are walking into this weekend’s show with big victories under their belts at last month’s show.

The team of Jack J. Bonza and Kingsley may only be new on the tag team scene, but with Bonza in the team they are one to watch. Scoring another victory here would quickly propel them towards the top of the division.

Since coming together suddenly the team of Aaron Jake and Rhys Angel have been unstoppable. Picking up victories against The Prefects (Billy Preston & Jimmy Townsend) and The Black Shirt Cool Group (Concrete Davidson & Shazza McKenzie) already. To earn a victory against a team including one of PWA’s best, Bonza, would be another big step for this young team.

Fatal 4-Way: Steph De Lander vs Bel Pierce vs Xena vs Yuu

Update: Due to international travel restrictions Yuu cannot complete any of her Australian dates

After falling short in her quest to capture the PWWA Championship last month inside a steel cage Steph De Lander now looks to release her frustrations on four new opponents.

The poor unfortunate souls to step into the ring with the ‘Python Powerhouse’ are Japanese sensation Yuu, Xena – who happens to be incredibly powerful in her own right, and a returning Bel Pierce.

Yuu arrives in PWA after making waves across the globe. During her career Yuu has competed in promotions such as; Sendai Girls, DDT, wXw, EVE, RevPro, ATTACK!, PROGRESS and Frontline. During these appearances, Yuu has battled some of the top women’s talent from around the world, most notably Jordynne Grace, Killer Kelly, Toni Storm, Millie McKenzie, Viper, Charli Evans, Jamie Hayter, Zoe Lucas, Bea Priestley, Meiko Satomura, Asuka and Kellyanne.

For both Xena and Pierce, this match provides a great opportunity for them to get their momentum rolling in PWA. 

Xena has primarily been competing in tag team matches alongside her LUX partner, Kingsley, where they haven’t had the greatest record. However, whenever Xena has been given a singles opportunity she has impressed, despite struggling to pick up the elusive victory. Could this weekend finally see her capture a big win and begin her road towards the PWWA Championship?

Pierce’s story is a sad one. After attempting to find a cohesive partnership with Tree Hugger Luchi, only to be told to ‘F**K OFF LOSER’ she suffered a crisis of confidence and has not been seen in PWA for some time. At the recent Academy Showcase event, Pierce was scheduled to compete alongside The Velocities but never showed. Despite this Jude London made call for the PWA faithful to show Pierce some love so that she could hopefully find her back to PWA. Will she show up on Saturday?

PWA Heavyweight Championship: Caveman Ugg (c) vs Ricky South

PWA Heavyweight Championship: Caveman Ugg (c) vs Ricky South

🤼🤼OFFICIAL MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT🤼🤼PWA Presents: Coming out of my cave & I've been doing just fine….PWA Heavyweight Championship: Cave Man Ugg (c) vs Ricky South ….March 20 at Max Watts Ugg will make his 5th PWA Championship defense against Ricky South in one of the most dominant runs in the title's history. Can Ricky be the one to finally stop him? 💺💺FRONT ROW IS ALREADY SOLD OUT!💺💺🎟️TICKETS: 🎟️🎥LIVE STREAM: 🎥#PWABlackLabel #PWACave

Posted by PWA – Pro Wrestling Australia on Monday, March 2, 2020

After surviving his own creation the PWA Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Gauntlet, which featured Mat Diamond, HeadHunter Rig and the PWA Heavyweight Champion himself as opponents, Ricky South has earned his chance to unseat the dominant Caveman Ugg.

Ever since escaping from the cult-like group SMS, Ricky South has been building momentum towards this inevitable clash of bruisers. Looking back in retrospect, while South’s time in SMS was unpleasant it was perhaps just what was needed for him to take the next step in his career. During his time in SMS he found a vicious, win at all costs attitude which has propelled him to the top of the card this weekend.

Leading up to this match South has defeated the likes of Davis Storm, Sean Kustom, Tree Hugger Luchi and Mat Rogers. So facing off against big, hard-hitting opponents is nothing new. Although nobody hits with the force of Caveman Ugg.

Since ripping the PWA Heavyweight Title from Jonah Rock back in August of 2018 Caveman Ugg has been unstoppable. During his reign Ugg has defeated Adam Hoffman, Matty Wahlberg, Shazza McKenzie, Davis Storm, and Jack J. Bonza. Whilst also venturing over to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) in Los Angeles to compete in the annual Battle Of Los Angeles tournament against Brody King.

Although Ugg has been a dominant competitor the once fan favorite has seen the fans turn on him due to the irregularity of his appearances and title defenses. As such he will be walking into hostile territory on Saturday when he faces the huge fan favorite Ricky South.

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