Southpaw Regional Wrestling Returning for Season 3 in the Summer of ’94

southpaw regional wrestling

Lance Catamaran is getting the band back together as on Leap Day, February 29th, 2020, WWE announced that everyone’s favorite look back to the territory glory days, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, is returning for a third season set to take place in the summer of 1994.

In the brief trailer, Catamaran (John Cena) calls broadcast colleague Chett Chetterfield (Fandango), who appears has spent the night on some kind of a drunken bender, telling him production has been waiting three weeks for him to show up as its time to get the band back together. As Chetterfield stumbles out of bed, the text on the screen reveals SRW is returning in the summer…of 1994. This is a significant jump for the show, which over its past two seasons chronicled archival material first from 1987 (S1) and then 1986 (S2). In that sense, the second season of the show took us back to explain some of the stories from the first.

But now, instead of going back in time, we’re going forward eight years to 1994. It will no doubt be interesting to see what has changed in SRW in the ensuing eight years, but from the trailer, we know there is at least one constant, Chetterfield and Catamaran will be back calling all of the action.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling brought us such characters as Chadd 2 Badd (Karl Anderson), Tex Ferguson (Luke Gallows), Clint Bobski (Chris Jericho), Dan Bandana and Rene Beret (Daniel Bryan), Malibu Al (AJ Styles), ‘Dry Rub’ Doug (Seth Rollins), John Johnson (TJ Perkins), Dewey Jackson (Michael PS Hayes), Big Bartholemew (Rusev), Pelvis Wesley (Heath Slater) and of course the Paid Ric Flair Impersonator (Ric Flair). And such events as the Showdown at the Swamp and the unforgettable Lethal Leap Year, which resulted in a Ron Burgundy-esque meltdown from the normally calm and collected, Catamaran.

Now, three years later, another set of VHS tapes has been unearthed meaning Southpaw Regional Wrestling is set to make its return, and will no doubt introduce new characters, new stories and a new once-in-a-lifetime PPV event. Check out the above playlist to watch all 12 episodes of SRW so far as we get ready for what is sure to be a hot summer of 1994.

While this is an exciting announcement for SRW fans, it’s not the first to come in recent weeks. In mid-February, WWE revealed a Southpaw Regional Wrestling DLC for the latest 2K game, featuring new characters, who may end up in season three, such as Georgia Washington (Charlotte Flair), Misfit Molly (Becky Lynch), Bay Lee Billionaire (Bayley) and Glam Rocker (Johnny Gargano). The game also features two new arenas, Southpaw Summer Breakout ’87 and Max Headlock’s, as well as new story towers featuring Street Zack Ryder and Street Curt Hawkins (a mode based on Street Fighter and other combat games of that era) and a gauntlet for Big Bartholomew which ends in a showdown with the infamous Sea Creature, and one introducing the SRW women’s division, something that is sure to play into the new season. Then there is the brand new showcase where Mr. Mackelroy (Tyler Breeze) is the focus.

According to

“Southpaw Regional Wrestling kicks off with its biggest show of the summer, but there’s just one problem: Evil banker Mr. Mackelroy (Tyler Breeze) has purchased the company and intends to destroy it!

Fortunately for the Southpaw crew, the fine print in the contract includes a loophole allowing Southpaw to win back ownership. They must beat Mr. Mackelroy’s intimidating squad in a best-of-five series of matches. Can they do the impossible and beat the bully?”

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