Preview: Beyond Championship Wrestling Pilot (3/1/20)

Beyond Championship Wrestling Pilot

When Beyond announced it was going to be filming a pilot taping in 2020 it seemed like a big deal. With the success of AEW, MLW, and NWA it seems like people are hungry for an alternative to WWE and seeing how well AEW has been doing could mean another television station picking up Beyond Wrestling. Then as more and more details got announced things seemed different. First Beyond Wrestling announced they would be having a tournament for their first championship while Beyond has always been known for not having a championship. Then BCW announced there would be no intergender wrestling on the show and that a slew of television stars would be appearing on the show. Lastly, the show would not be streaming on their regular but instead on Fite. Despite all the changes to Beyond Championship wrestling they have still managed to sell out and open up more seats to the show and put together and interesting card. 

Beyond Championship Tournament Round 1: Richard Holliday vs Anthony Bowens 

Beyond Championship Wrestling Pilot

The entire tournament for the first-ever Beyond Championship Wrestling will take place on the show. The winners of the first round will face each other and the winner will be made the first-ever Beyond Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. The first round will feature Richard Holliday who made a name for himself on both seasons of Uncharted Territory, last season with Club Cam. Holliday also had a good running in this year’s Tournament for Tomorrow making it all the way to the finals. He will be facing Anthony Bowens, an openly gay wrestler that could have a breakout year in 2020. Bowens has only had one match in Beyond when he wrestled against Arron Rourke in the Discovery Gauntlet. Anthony Bowens made such an impression that he was invited back to wrestle in Beyond’s Championship tournament. Bowens has a made for tv look and could be a great choice for Beyond’s first-ever champion.

Beyond Championship Tournament Round One: Mike Verna vs Robo the Punjabi Lion

Mike Verna has mostly been a tag team wrestler in Beyond with his partner Rex Lawless. The two competed a few times as a tag team in both seasons of Uncharted Territory and a few more times for Beyond in the past. Mike will now be looking to break out as a singles star. Verna has plenty of experience acting on the side and could make for great a tv star. His opponent will be Robo a man who wrestled a few times in dark matches at Uncharted Territory and was supposed to make his debut during the Tournament for Tomorrow but was attacked by Club Cam. Robo will be able to make a huge name for himself with a big win here in the tournament.

Vin Gerard vs Denver Colorado 

Beyond Championship Wrestling Pilot

Denver Colorado, the man not the place, has been the person behind Beyond Wrestling for the last ten year. He is the man who has brought you Americanrana, the man who brought you most of your favorite wrestlers in AEW and WWE, the man behind Uncharted Territory. Beyond Wrestling has been his baby but on the pilot episode of Beyond Championship Wrestling, DC will be fighting for the sake of his company against Vin Gerard. Vin Gerard is a Chikara veteran who has gone by a bunch of other names like Equinox and Jerry Durling. He was trained in 2004 Wrestle Factory class but hasn’t wrestled since losing a Championship vs Career match against Eddie Kingston in 2012. Vin is one of the important people behind Independent Wrestling TV and if he wins he will be the new owner of Beyond Championship Wrestling. Denver Colorado will be making his debut in the wrestling ring but has been training hard in the gym with Chuck O’Neil. While Vin has plenty of in-ring experience he hasn’t wrestled in over 8 years. Anything can happen when these two meet in this high stakes match. 

SLADE vs Matthew Justice 

Matthew Justice is one of the most daring people in all of wrestling. He has gone out of his way to do some of the most gif inspiring moves in wrestling. The star has been a staple of AIW for years and broke out in GCW last year and looks to be a new staple of GCW shows. Justice will be taking on Slade in a hardcore match at the first episode of Beyond Championship Wrestling. Slade came seemingly out of nowhere at the end of 2019 to finish out the Season 2 Discovery Gauntlet. At Heavy Lies the Crown Slade would have an impressive death match with Nick Gage. These two in a match with no disqualifications will be a gasoline fire of excitement. 

Body Slam Challenge – Puf vs Mark Sterling 

Beyond Championship Wrestling Pilot

Puf was a huge breakout star of Uncharted Territory Season Two. He is one of the best pure good guys in all of wrestling and he will be challenging Smart Mark Sterling to a bodyslam challenge. Sterling will be playing the role of Lex Lugar while trying to bodyslam the 400lb Puf. 


Formerly known as Josh Briggs has been repackaged as just JOSH for the new Beyond Championship Wrestling. JOSH will be taking on an unnamed television star. The way this show has been going expect anyone from Bob Backland to Swoggle. 

Anthony Greene and Chuck O’Neil

Beyond Championship Wrestling Pilot

Two of Beyond’s most hated wrestlers will also be appearing in some capacity at the Beyond Championship Wrestling. The ways these two were booed last year will make BCW look like a company that can really bring the heat to their wrestlers and a possible television show.  

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