The NWA Powerrr Recap (2/25/20)

NWA Powerrr
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NWA Powerrr may have taken a break last week to make room for The Circle Squared, but the show returns this week with major implications. Perhaps the most talked about is the NWA Women’s World Championship showdown between titleholder Thunder Rosa and challenger Melina. Though they are part of the same faction, Melina’s underhanded tactics have seemingly conflicted with Rosa’s quest as champion. This, and more, will be covered in this week’s NWA Powerrr Recap!

This week’s show opens with David Marquez welcoming Tim Storm to the set. Marquez asks Storm about his recent loss to Thom Latimer. Storm says that, despite the loss, he will continue to give everything he has. He also brushes off the fake “Mama Storm” gag as ridiculous. Cue Latimer, who confronts Storm. Latimer takes umbrage with Storm attempting to drive a wedge between him and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. Latimer storms off and out comes Danny Deals from the NWA commercials.

Deals, living up to his name, offers a Storm a deal. Storm ignores it, clearly irate with Deals, who may or may not have been impersonating a certain beloved mother. Deals offers Storm “door number one” or “door number two,” but Storm once again declines. Deals says that if Storm wins his match tonight, Storm gets his hands on Deals. If Storm loses to his opponent later, said opponent will get an NWA contract. Deals also brings up Storm’s NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship win, saying it was done under questionable means. This is when Deals introduces Jax Dane. Storm and Dane face off, nose to nose, to close the segment.

Back from break, NWA Powerrr cuts to Marquez interviewing Matt Cross. The gray-haired veteran praises NWA, citing its heart and spirit. His promo is spirited, to say the least, as he declares that wrestling is forever and so is Matt Cross. He enters the ring for this upcoming match.

Matt Cross vs. Zicky Dice vs. Ricky Starks

Prior to the match, Zicky Dice exclaims that no one touches his fanny pack. Dice leaves the ring early, which allows Cross and Ricky Starks to face off. Dice drags Starks to the outside, which leads to a brawl. Cross hits a tope suicida on both men. Starks rolls up Cross for a two-count and they collide with a double clothesline. Dice reenters the ring to attempt multiple pins but to no avail. Cross and Starks hit a double back drop on Dice. Cross plants Starks with the Cross Cutter and goes to the top. He hits a shooting star press on Starks. Before Cross can capitalize, Dice tosses him to the outside and steals the pin! One has to winder if Starks’ NWA World Television Championship reign is at risk. Dice is set to face Starks for the title next week.

Winner: Zicky Dice

NWA Powerrr cuts to another episode of “May Valentine‘s Diary.” She gushes over Royce Isaacs‘ win over the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express and reveals he said he loved her for the first time. Valentine also talks about her growing friendship with Sal Rinauro and even with Kamille. These segments have been nothing short of enjoyable. Valentine’s YouTube-style talk show provides an interesting contrast to the old-school presentation of NWA Powerrr.

Back at the studio, Joe Galli welcomes “Shooter” Stevens, the NWA National Champion. Galli says that Stevens successfully defended his title because he ran away. Stevens repeatedly denies this with “no!” Galli asks if Stevens wants to be a “fighting champion,” which the titleholder believes he is. The Question Mark makes his way out, correcting Steven’s pronunciation of “karate.” This leads to the next match.

The Question Mark vs. Trevor Murdoch

Trevor Murdoch starts the match with numerous clotheslines and avoids the Mongrovian Spike. The Question Mark inadvertently hits the exposed steel of the corner. This gives Murdoch the opportunity to hit a top rope bulldog for the quick pin!

Winner: Trevor Murdoch

Post-match, Stevens blindsides Murdoch, The Question Mark joining the beatdown. Stevens hits a series of seated back elbows on Murdoch before taking his leave. With this loss, expect Murdoch to be vying for the National Championship with even greater hunger. Given Murdoch’s popularity with the NWA fans, he will have all the support in the world.

Sean Mooney welcomes NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis, to the set. Aldis boasts about his victory over Flip Gordon at Hard Times, in addition to his and Isaacs’ recent victory over the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. Aldis addresses Marty Scurll, giving him a chance to back out of the deal by admitting Aldis is the better man.

Scurll makes his entrance, declaring he isn’t backing out and that he’s ready to fight. He even enters the ring, inviting Aldis to do the same. Isaacs and Latimer appear as Aldis asks Scurll if he wants to do this. Scurll stands his ground, umbrella and all, as Brody King rushes down! King and Scurll brawl with Strictly Business as various officials attempt to break them up. The appearance from King was a surprise, to say the least, and it’s yet another indicator of the business relationship NWA has with Ring of Honor.

Marquez welcomes Eddie Kingston, who’s taping up his hands. He says he’s ready to bust someone up, which brings him to The Pope. Kingston dares The Pope to come out. The Pope finally appears but keeps his distance from Kingston. The Pope says that he does what he chooses. This brings out The Bouncers, who back up Kingston. Soon after, they attack Kingston! In the ring, Kingston tries to hold his own, but to no avail. The Bouncers lay out Kingston as The Pope taunts him from the outside. With new allies on The Pope’s side, one has to wonder how Kingston will even the odds. The Bouncers are set to face NWA World Tag Team Champions Eli Drake and James Storm.

Melina vs. Thunder Rosa (c) (NWA World Women’s Championship)

Early on, Rosa is set to fight while Melina attempts to talk down to her. This leads to Rosa shoving Melina before assuming her fighting stance. Melina rolls to the outside and makes her way up the steps while the referee counts. The referee counts to 10, Rosa scoring the count-out victory.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Melina continues to make her way up the steps. She’s stopped by Allysin Kay, who stalks Melina back to ringside. Kay tosses Melina in the ring and corners her. Kamille appears and spears Kay, standing over the former champion. Kay is helped out of the ring before Rosa stands in the ring with Kamille. Rosa takes her leave, a smirk on her face, as this edition of NWA Powerrr comes to a close.

This wasn’t much of a match, as not a single punch was thrown, but it adds intrigue to the dynamic of Melina’s stable. Kamille’s attack on Kay seems to lend credence to the idea that the silent enforcer of Strictly Business will be more involved in the women’s division. Seeing as how she hasn’t had a single match on NWA Powerrr yet, it’ll be interesting to see how she works with the likes of Kay, Ashley Vox, and eventually, Rosa.

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