Matt Hardy Says He is “Unkillable” and Thanks “DEAR DR RKO”

Matt Hardy

One of the greatest unknowns right now in the world of professional wrestling is the destiny of WWE Superstar Matt Hardy. Hardy’s contract with WWE ends at the end of February, and all kinds of rumors are running wild about where Matt Hardy will end up. To be fair, Matt Hardy has done nothing to quell each and every rumor – in fact, he’s only added more fuel to the fire. On February 15, Matt Hardy stated he was “an ELITE performer. I have the POWER and HONOR to make an IMPACT anywhere I show up.” Well, that clears that up. But it didn’t stop there. 

Regardless of where he ends up on March 1, no one has taken advantage of the rumors amidst his own limbo to create curiosity to a character’s future. His series of #FREEtheDELETE videos have shown a Matt Hardy who is struggling with the multiple personalities (gimmicks) he’s had with the return of his Broken brilliance at the forefront of the shedding of said personalities. Even his apparent burial two weeks straight to Randy Orton has been twisted into part of a deeper narrative of the Lord of House Hardy.

Speaking of Randy Orton, his recent interactions have given Hardy more fuel to the reports he may be headed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) where “Broken” Matt Hardy will be revealed as The Exalted One, the unknown “higher power” of The Dark Order, the cult currently being shepherded by Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, formerly the Super Smash Bros. In his latest video, labelled “Dear Dr. RKO”, he merely thanks the Viper for his “kindness”. But the interesting thing is that DEAR DR RKO is an anagram that also spells out DARK ORDER.

Could Matt Hardy be trolling the internet with the intent to re-sign with WWE (although he’s looking for more creative control than money), or is he shedding some light on his future plans?

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