Preview: Stardom – No People Gate (3/8/20)

Despite canceling upcoming shows Stardom is still going ahead with their March 8th Korakuen Hall event.  The twist is that this show will be held in an empty arena, despite that Stardom has loaded up the card with two title matches and a grudge match between Mayu Iwatani and Saki Kashima.  This show will be streamed live on Stardom’s YouTube channel which is a first-time occurrence for the company.  The accurately titled No People Gate is sure to be a fun show.

Special Time Change Battle Royal

No People Gate

This should serve as the “get everyone on the show” match.  It’s essentially a royal rumble that will be where we see the Starlight Kid‘s and AZM‘s who currently don’t have matches advertised.  It has been confirmed by Stardom’s English twitter that this match will feature some talents making their Stardom debuts.  It’s likely we see some Marvelous talent as that company and Stardom seem to be working together lately, we may also see some freelancers make appearances

Tokyo Cyber Squad (Hana Kimura & Jungle Kyona) vs Donna Del Mondo (Giulia & Maika)

The rivalry between TCS and DDM continues with this special tag match.  Hana and Giulia are sure to continue their personal rivalry and it’ll be fun to see what Kyona can add to the dynamic with her power.  This match may be the first DDM loss as Maika looks to be the most likely person to take a pin.

Goddesses Of Stardom Championship: Oedo Tai (Jamie Hayter & Bea Priestley) (C) vs Queen’s Quest (Momo Watanabe & Utami Hayashishita)

No People Gate

In January Bea Priestley turned on Momo Watanabe and defected from Queen’s Quest.  Now QQ’s top team of Momo and Utami look to regain the titles and get some measure of retribution on Priestley.  QQ currently holds no championships, something that would’ve been thought impossible one year ago when Momo and Utami were dominating Stardom.  The new-look Oedo Tai needs to win to continue it’s climb back to the top but QQ is also in desperate need of a win here.

Wonder Of Stardom Championship: Arisa Hoshiki (C) vs Natsuko Tora

The newly anointed leader of Oedo Tai Natsuko Tora has a big opportunity here.  Hoshiki is at the point of her title reign where each defense could be her last and using her long title reign to put over the new leader of a faction is one of the best ways to end a run.  It’s unlikely we see Tora win here though as Tam Nakano seems to be on the path to claiming the white belt and defeating Arisa Hoshiki.

Lumberjack Match: Mayu Iwatani vs Saki Kashima

No People Gate

Saki Kashima turned on Mayu Iwatani recently to join Oedo Tai.  Since then Iwatani has been getting some mental retribution refusing to defend her title against Kashima because she simply doesn’t care about Saki.  This match is a non-title match and will see both factions serve as lumberjacks, it’s very likely this one breaks down into chaos and Mayu and Saki are sure to make the most of the empty arena.

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