Gangrel & New Match Added To Warhausen’s Wrestlevania


One of the most infamous shows in the Collective last year was the Blackcraft Wrestling No Apologies show. The show was a mess from start to finish with short matches, like really short matches, underutilized talent and plenty of other problems. Since that show, Blackcraft Wrestling has yet to make a return. At that show, Matthew Justice won the Blackcraft Championship from Johnny Blackcraft (Morrison) in nine seconds and remains champion to this day.

This year the third match announced for Wrestlevania was Matthew Justice facing AJ Gray for what WARHORSE is now calling The Belt That Shall Not Be Named. This being Wrestlevania though it will not be a normal match but instead a Vampire Death Match. The rules to a Vaimpie Deathmatch have yet to explain but expect them to be as whacky as the rest of this shows seems to be.

Danhausen also announced that Attitude Era star and spooky vampire wrestler Gangrel would be making an appearance at Wrestlevania. The 32 year veteran has been around since the early 90s as enhancement talent in the WWF. He is best known for his 1998-2001 run in WWF as The Brood a spooky vampire cult featuring Edge and Christan. Gangrel is the last of a dying breed having wrestled in WCW, ECW and WWF. He now wrestles all over the indies randomly popping up at one company or another. His vampire background makes him a good fit for the Wrestlevania show which seems to have taken a spooky feel to it.

This match and Gangrel will join Shazza McKenzia vs Allie Bat in a Loser Gets Sacrificed to Hell match. Along with Daniel Makabre taking on Nick “NO SWEARING” Gage. Wrestlevania looks to be one of the more interesting shows out of all of The Collective. With so many other choices for shows Wrestlevania is setting itself out from the pack by putting on a spooky and weird show.

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