The NXT UK Recap (2/6/20)


Staying in York this week, NXT UK provided us with another decent episode, as the first Steel Corners Street Fight main evented the show in fantastic fashion.

Revenge Is Bittersweet

Seeing as Eddie Dennis had to use an exposed turnbuckle in order to defeat Trent Seven in their match at TakeOver: Blackpool II, the former NXT Tag Team Champion made the challenge for a Steel Corners Street Fight this week. It wasn’t just the 12 exposed steel turnbuckles that were used though, as the match went into the crowd and around the general ringside area, where the steel steps were utilised to full effect. Seven had has head smashed against one of the turnbuckles at one stage, which could’ve easily ended the match. Instead though, he fought back with a Seven Stars Lariat and the second BirmingHammer of the match (the first one came earlier on, off the top of the announcer’s table, and through another table down below) for the three count. A sensational match, but upsetting in hindsight seeing as it’s the match where Eddie once again suffered an injury.

Toni’s Obsession

After claiming that the NXT UK Women’s Championship was intoxicating, the reigning champion Kay Lee Ray would be interrupted by former champ Toni Storm, as Storm is still unable to deal with the fact that she lost the title to ‘The Queen of Insanity’ at TakeOver: Cardiff at the end of August. As a result of this, KLR claimed that Toni had an obsession with the championship, which is a fair statement in fairness. The New Zealander hasn’t been able to leave the Glaswegian alone since August 31st. Kay Lee offered to give Toni one final stab at prying the championship away from her, as the two will collide in an NXT UK first – an I Quit Match. However, if Storm is again unable to lift the title, then she will be barred from ever challenging for the gold again for as long as Kay Lee Ray is the champion. High stakes for Toni Storm.

Mentor vs Protege

During Tyler Bate‘s tremendous rivalry with Jordan Devlin, the alliance between Bate and A-Kid was shown on a few occasions, leading to a match between the duo on this week’s NXT UK. As expected, the duo put on one of the brand’s greatest matches for this writer’s money, with the Spanish sensation using his lightning-quick speed whereas ‘The Big Strong Boi’ executed his technical prowess that put him on the map. A running shooting star press was beautifully transitioned into a triangle choke, before a rebound lariat from Bate turned Kid inside out. A Tyler Driver ’97 meant a tick in the win column for Tyler Bate, as the pair had a wonderful encounter with one another. The inaugural NXT UK Champion would be confronted post-match by Joseph Conners, with ‘The Righteous Killer’ continuing his mission of showing everyone just how worthy he truly is. It’s a bold move to target someone as high up the card as Tyler Bate, but it’s one that will no doubt get eyes on Joseph Conners.

Niven Triumphs

In the opening match of the evening, Piper Niven battled one of the newest signings to NXT UK in Dani Luna, a match that turned out to be quite a mixed bout in terms of power. While not quite as dominating as ‘The Vixen of Violence’ is, Luna was still able to overpower the inaugural Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) Women’s World Champion in some instances. It would’ve been easy to assume Niven would have the advantage here, but that wasn’t the case whatsoever – they don’t call Dani ‘The Inevitable’ for nothing. A stiff headbutt and a Viper Driver (or a Piper Driver in NXT UK, your writer still doesn’t have a clue what they’re calling it) ensured a Piper Niven victory in her first match since failing to lift the NXT UK Women’s Championship at TakeOver: Blackpool II.

Pretty Damn Deadly

Another recent signing to the NXT UK brand is the Pretty Deadly pairing of Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley, with the duo taking on the team of Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter here. Stoker and Howley dominated the early goings of the match, using their unique tag team offence to keep their opponents at a disadvantage. Carter very nearly scored the three with a pumphandle uranage, but Pretty Deadly kept the ball in their park, taking down both of their adversaries at the same time, one with a spear, and the other with a flying uppercut. Although Smith and Carter would win the match after Carter executed a One Winged Angel across the knee (similar to a move Evil Uno performed back in the day), Pretty Deadly would have the last laugh, signifying their dominance as the new tandem to fear in NXT UK.

What Else?

In addition to all of this, another vignette aired for Aoife Valkyrie, with the former Pro Wrestling: EVE Tag Team Champion set to arrive on the brand in one week’s time, the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) accepted Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch‘s challenge as those two teams will compete in non-title action on next week’s show, the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin claimed to be the best there was, Dave Mastiff roamed the backstage corridors in search of NXT UK Champion WALTER, and Ilja Dragunov addressed Joe Coffey‘s challenge once more.

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