Preview: National Pro Wrestling Day 2020

Since 2013, Chikara, along with some other promotions along the way, has celebrated National Pro Wrestling Day. The holiday was made to show the good side of pro wrestling. It also usually has shows team up with charities to support a cause. This year Chikara offshoot, Wrestling Is Fun, will host the 8 ever National Pro Wrestling Day. This is also Wrestling is Fun’s second show back since 2014. This year’s event will be streamed like on IWTV one of five different streams that will be happening. All proceeds to National Pro Wrestling Day will be donated to Cradles to Crayons which provides children in poverty supplies they need.

Wrestling is Fun seems to be affiliated with Chikara as almost all of the matches have Chikara members. They are also using Chikara storylines from the last season, Wrestling is Fun! Points wrestlers use to obtain title shots will not be on the line in any of these matches.

Mike Quackenbush vs Hallowicked 


Mike Quakenbush announced, for his 25th year in professional wrestling, he was going to have 25 matches. These were against opponents he respected over the years and new rivals he hasn’t faced. The journey took him all over the world from Australia to Spain to King of Trios and Beyond. His final match will be against the Gen 1 original and quite possibly the greatest student Quakenbush has ever had, Hallowicked.

These two have been in the same promotion, including Hallowicked having his very first match in a trios match against Quackenbush. This will only be the second time they have ever faced each other one on one. The first was during the 12 Large Summit, a round-robin tournament to declare their first Grand Champions. These two have trained together and watched each other matches for 20 years now expect them to have a special match of student versus teacher. 

Ophidian vs Still Life with Apricots and Pears 


Ophidian and The Crucible were one of the biggest stories in Chikara last year. Ophidian would go on win the Infinity Gauntlet, the Johnny Saint Invitational, and the King of Trios. The only tournament Ophidian didn’t win was the Young Lions Cup; this was won by Still Life with Apricots and Pears. Still Life made history with that title run. They racked up the most Young Lions Cup defenses than any previous holder. Still Life would have to give up the Young Lions Cup after a year of holding it.

Still Life with Apricots and Pears looks like they could be one of the big breakout stars of the year with big matches announced for Wrestlemania weekend along with a few other promotions. The person they will be facing, Ophidian, is also looking like he could have a big breakout year. The veteran wrestler will have a shot at the Chikara Grand Championship in the future and has been making a name for himself in GCW. They have interesting styles they wrestle with, so it will be interesting to see how they mesh together. 

Dan Champion vs Callous the Castigator 


It wouldn’t be National Pro Wrestling Day without a hoss match and a hoss match this is going to be. Despite almost 10 years wrestling, Dan Champion has never been featured on many bigger independent indie promotions despite being a fantastic bad guy who goes out of his way to make the crowd hate him. He handed out vegetables at a Halloween show!

Dan Champion is coming off a huge match in Beyond against AEW star Orange Cassidy. Champion is looking at a big break. He will be taking on one-third of Chikara’s the Protus Wheel. Enter Callous the Castigator, a huge wrestler who never goes down without a fight. If there is any match that could break the ring it is when these two big boys face each other.  

The Colony vs Legion of Rot (Kobald and Frightmare)


The 2019 King of Trios winners will be wrestling without their captain Fire Ant this weekend. They take on another team who will be wrestling without their leader, Legion of Rot. Expect Frightmare and Kobald have more years experience alone than the rookie members of The Colony have put together. Wrestling Observer’s Rookie of the Year 2008 Frightmare and Koblad will take off two of the newest members of The Colony. Green Ant is coming off a rough year coming in second place in both the Johnny Kidd Invitational and the Young Lions Cup. Meanwhile, Frightmare and Kobald, two of Chikara’s most dangerous wrestlers, are coming off a particularly quiet season. 

Jigsaw vs Matt Makowski


Late last season of Chikara, Jigsaw made his return to help Quakenbush fight off The Crucible. Jigsaw will continue to do that when he takes on MMA fighter, Matt Makowski. As a member of The Crucible, Makowski went to the semi-finals of the King of Trios and wrestled on Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport and Beyond’s Discovery Gauntlet. Will Jigsaw be able to defeat another member of The Crucible or will the rookie’s MMA abilities be too much for the returning Jigsaw?

Zero and Boomer Hatfield vs The Spoiler and Sonny Defarge 


Both Zero and Boomer Hatfield have something in common: they are both sons of two of Chikara’s veterans. Boomer Hatfield is, of course, the son of Chikara’s Grand Champion Dasher Hatfield, the same man he unmasked last season. Zero is the son of Gen 2 original of The Wrestle Factory, Mr. Zero. The two will be teaming up for the first time to take on another first time tag team of The Spoiler and Sonny Defarge. The Spoiler made his debut at Chikara’s Young Lions Cup last month. Here, he will be teaming up with Wrestle Factory trainer Sonny Defarge. Sonny is no stranger to tag teams as he was also a former Campeonatos de Parejas. 

Forged vs The Crucible 


The Crucible is a no ropes underground fight club where competitors have to win their matches in two minutes or less. The cult is run by Ophidian and while creating a team of fighters, he got rid of some of the members. Those members made up The Forged, who have banded together but have not seemed very welcome in either The Crucible or Chikara. The team of rookies will take on a team of Crucible members in a trios match in hopes of revenge.

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