#AndNEW: 24/7 Championship Changes Hands for First Time in 2020

Mojo Rawley
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After a 13-day reign, which ranks as one of the top-five longest of all time, R-Truth has once again lost his beloved 24/7 Championship. On Monday night, thanks to an assist from Brock Lesnar, Mojo Rawley won the 24/7 Championship for the second time.

New year, new champion, same title and same amusing antics. Oh 24/7 Championship, never change!

One of the most entertaining segments of Raw in a long time saw R-Truth interrupt Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman much to the delight of the crowd. 24/7 Championship slung over his shoulder, Truth and Lesnar stood in opposite corners of the ring, both of them holding titles. Let me repeat that. Both Truth and Lesnar shared the ring as champions. 2020 is already off to a strange start. Anyway, in iconic Truth fashion, the 24/7 champ made his way down to the ring oozing with a swagger of confidence as he declared himself for the Royal Rumble with the intent of throwing Paul Heyman over the top rope…Yes, Paul Heyman.

See, Truth misunderstood, noting later that he wasn’t listening when Heyman was talking because the man talks a lot. Heyman clarified that he wasn’t entering the match, but rather his client, Brock Lesnar was. This led to a classic “My Bad” Truth moment, where the “24/7, 48/7, 7/11, I-95 South and Kentucky, European, TV” champion made history by becoming the first person to un-declare for the Royal Rumble.

The segment was met by laughs from all involved but unfortunately for R-Truth, he wasn’t able to escape unscathed. Lesnar attacked Truth but adding insult to injury, he refused to pin the champion and claim the belt, which to Lesnar, would appear to be absolutely meaningless. As Truth was being helped to the back, Mojo Rawley took advantage of the opportunity, kicking Truth to the ground and pinning him as the ref made his three count.

Following his victory, Mojo Rawley made a statement that he’s not going to run or hide, that he plans to be the only 24/7 Champion thus far not to cower, but rather to take on all comers. It’s a different approach to the title being made by the man who now owns the 84th overall reign. As noted, this is Rawley’s second run with the belt, his first of which came on December 31st when he pinned Truth during Fox’s New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey. Unfortunately for Rawley, Truth regained the title almost immediately, already making this reign longer than the first for Mojo.

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