Preview: Stardom – High Speed Grand Prix

Stardom High Speed Grand Prix

After a recent win AZM got on the microphone to ask Stardom about holding a High Speed tournament.  On January 7th her wish was granted as Stardom announced the first-ever High Speed Grand Prix.  The round-robin tournament features five competitors who will compete for two spots in the final with the winner presumably earning a shot at high speed champion Riho. We are going to run down the five participants in the tournament and look at their chances of winning.


This whole tournament was AZM’s idea so she goes in as the clear favorite.  AZM shined in her appearance in last year’s 5STAR Grand Prix and ever since that tournament has been making her way up the card.  She captured the Artist Of Stardom Championships with Queen’s Quest towards the end of 2019 and a win here could kickstart her 2020.  AZM has been practicing the High Speed style for some time now so this tournament will play to her strength’s and winning it would put her in prime position to challenge Riho in what could be a star-making match.

Starlight Kid

Kid is AZM’s biggest rival and someone that has also been a part of the high speed division for some time.  She challenged Riho for the title towards the end of 2019 as part of a mini push to prominence for Kid as she challenged for three titles.  Starlight Kid is very much the future of Stardom and with her already having challenged Riho it would make sense for her to beat her rival AZM in the final of the High Speed Grand Prix and go on to beat Riho for the title.

Death Yama-San

Yama-San is a veteran of this type of wrestling and was the person who lost the High Speed title to Riho in the first place.  She also lost a subsequent rematch to Riho which would probably take her out of contention for winning the tournament.  Despite that, she has been booked pretty well in Stardom and has picked up a lot of wins on smaller shows as well as in the Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League so she has been made to look strong enough that beating Riho wouldn’t be a shock.

Leyla Hirsch

Legit Leyla Hirsch has been given a few wins since her debut in Stardom in early January.  She isn’t a typical high speed wrestler and has so far been treated like a powerhouse, similar to Saya Iida.  It’s unlikely they would give the win to someone that doesn’t fit the high speed style but stranger things have happened when it comes to Stardom and it’s booking of gaijins

Zoey Skye

Skye has been used as a pin eater so far in this tour so it’s not likely they would give her a tournament win here.  The veteran will add her experience to the tournament though, so it’s understandable why she made it in instead of some of Stardom’s other high speed talents.  Skye will be used to put others over and probably won’t win the High Speed Grand Prix but as always you can never say never.

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