Preview: Beyond – Heavy Lies the Crown (12/31/19)

Heavy Lies The Crown

2019 was by far the most impressive year for Beyond Wrestling. They launched Uncharted Territory, the best weekly wrestling show which ran for two seasons. During that, they also ran shows in Boston and on the beach and ran one of the biggest independent wrestling shows of the year at Foxwoods Casino selling over 1,000 tickets for Uncharted Territory. With such an impressive year under their belts, Beyond will end it with their second biggest show of the year Heavy Lies the Crown. The show will both kick start Beyond into the new decade while ending and just starting some of the biggest feuds of the year. 

Fans Bring the Weapons Match: Bear Country vs Team Tremendous 

Heavy Lies The Crown

This feud stems all the way back to Americanrana ‘19 when Bear Country was able to defeat LAX (AEW’s PNP). With the huge win under their belts, along with the rest of their impressive run during the first season of Uncharted Territory, Bear Country was able to call themselves the Ace’s of Beyond. The term Ace in Beyond doesn’t get thrown around lightly and tag teams and wrestlers fight with everything they have to call themselves the Ace’s. Before LAX could even leave the ring Team Tremendous hit the ring and attacked both teams.

Bear Country and Team Tremendous faced off at All Hands on Deck in a tornado tag match on the beach. The two teams proved formidable opponents but just when Bear Country was about to put Team Tremendous away, Dan Barry hit a low blow and a roll-up for the win. The two teams would meet again in a huge tag team fatal four-way match including Butcher and the Blade and Violence is Forever. Team Tremendous would once again go on to use underhanded tactics to get the win. Team Tremendous declared themselves the real Ace’s of Beyond’s tag team division saying they beat all the best teams, they’ve been there longer, and they aren’t a joke. 

These two teams will again this time in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match. Where they will use anything and everything to defeat the other team. Only one team will win and be able to call themselves the Aces of Beyond’s tag-team division. 

Independent Wrestling Championship WARHORSE (C) vs Manders 

On Thanksgiving night these two were the final two competitors representing Team Independent Wrestling in a 5-5 elimination match against Team Beyond. Instead of celebrating together though Manders, looking to make a name for himself, attacked WARHORSE. Soon after the match was set for New Year’s Eve. 

WARHORSE has held the title for over 100 days since defeating Erick Stevens at Black Label Pro’s Turbo Graps 16 Tournament. Since then he has defended the title in promotions all over the country including Beyond, Limitless, Scenic City, SUP, Bizarro Lucha and many more. He has been able to beat everyone from Orange Cassidy to Tony Deppen. However, after such a long and grueling year a young and hungry Manders might be able to win the title on New Year’s Eve and make a name for himself. 

Legit Legends (Chuck O’Neil, Kevin Ku, Dom Garrini) with Larry Legend vs Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson, Pinkie Sanchez, Jaka)

Heavy Lies The Crown

Chuck O’Neil is one of the most hated men in all of Beyond wrestling. You have never heard a crowd boo as loud as they do for anyone. Since season one of Uncharted Territory, the former MMA fighter has hit the ring and promised to bring Beyond back to its glory days. The feud between these two teams started the week after Halloween when team Pazuzu teamed with Danhausen. After their win Pinkie was going to give his Pazuzu kneepad to Danhausen but Chuck O’Neil hit the ring and took it away. Pinkie Sanchez would go on to challenge O’Neil for the kneepad but would lose. Dickinson would also go on to challenge for the kneepad and also come up short, O’Neil giving him his first singles loss in Beyond since the beginning of Uncharted Territory. Chuck would join forces with former Pazuzu member Larry Legend. The team would also add Violence is Forever to their teams, outmanning and overpowering Dickinson and Pinkie. Pazuzu wasn’t going down without a fight though and they challenged the trios to a match at Heavy Lies the Crown with a mystery opponent. Rumors were flying with who the opponent might be and last week the lights went out and none other then JAKA hit the ring. The mostly retired JAKA will be returning to help Team Pazuzu take home their feud with the Legit Legends. 

Nick Gage vs Slade 

Over the course of both season of Uncharted Territory, Nick Gage has been a constant. One of the fan favorites who moshes his way out into the fans and has special handshakes with seemingly half the crowd. Slade made his debut in Uncharted Territory the final week of the Discovery Gauntlet where he was able to end the win streak of Arron Rourke in an impressive manner. Slade would then call out Nick Gage. These two brutes have both been to jail and will do anything in their power to defeat the other. 

David Starr vs Erick Stevens 

Heavy Lies The Crown

During the first season of Uncharted Territory former Ring of Honor wrestler, Erick Stevens returned the wrestling after 10 years away to face Chris Dickinson. He announced that he would return for one year only and go back into retirement after Wrestlemania weekend. Stevens has looked impressive in his comeback but he will kick off his last year wrestling against one of the best wrestlers in the world right now David Starr. Expect big things from this match as David Starr has had at least three matches that can be called Match of the Year contenders two of which took place in Beyond another in OTT. Starr will be looking to close out his fantastic 2019 showing just how good independent wrestling can be. 

Kris Statlander vs John Silver 

Kris Statlander’s first Beyond match was at the show Please Come Back where Beyond regulars would take on opponents that have never been in Beyond. Statlander faced off against John Silver in her first Beyond match. Over the course of two seasons of Uncharted Territory Kris Statlander has certainly made a name for herself she won the Treasure Hunt Tournament to go on and beat Orange Cassidy for the IWTV championship. She would have fantastic matches against Kimber Lee, Joey Janela, Nick Gage, and Mercedes Martinez among others. Kris Statlander, like so many others on Beyond’s roster, would sign with AEW after a few impressive matches on AEW Dark. 

On New Year’s Eve, she will face another recent AEW signee, John Silver. The same man she made her debut against. Silver has turned around his 2019 after breaking up the Beaver Boys in Beyond. He would go on an impressive singles win streak beating Daniel Garcia, Jake Atlas and Eddie Kingston. To keep that winning streak going he will need to beat Kris Statlander in what could be both of their last Beyond matches. 

Josh Briggs vs Anthony Greene 

Heavy Lies The Crown

Two former best friends will face off with Ava Everett as the special referee. These three teamed together a few times over the course of Season Two of Uncharted Territory but had a tough time stringing any wins together. Before the start of Tournament for Tomorrow, the two promised they would face each other in the finals. The best-laid plans fall apart when CJ Cruz came up with a huge upset over Anthony Greene in the first match of the first round of the tournament. Josh Briggs would face off against Alex Price later that night and Greene would get involved superkicking his best friend and giving Price the win. 

The next week the two would have a brawl all over the White Eagle Hall crashing through merch tables. On the finale of Uncharted Territory season 2 Josh Briggs had a shot at the Independent Wrestling Championship when he faced WARHORSE. Greene and Everett would make their way to ringside. Briggs, sick of Greene trying to interfere would go to give Anthony Greene a big boot but Greene would get out of the way and instead hit Ava Everett who was trying to get Greene off the ring apron. Josh Briggs would leave the match to carry Ava backstage and then tried to race his way to the ring but missed the ten count. 

These two have certainly proved they do not like each other and will do anything to hurt the other. The adding of Ava Everett as the ref is interesting because it could help or hurt either man. Ava has seemed pretty neutral in all of this but who will know if she will blame Greene for cheating or try and take revenge on Briggs for kicking her. 

Fred Yehi vs Wheeler YUTA

This match started when Leyla Hirsch faced AC Mack on an episode of Uncharted Territory. Since Thanksgiving, AC Mack had been causing havoc on Beyond. After beating Leyla his havoc didn’t stop as he attacked he after the bell causing YUTA to come and save her. The following week Fred Yehi and AC Mack would team up together to face the team of Leyla and Wheeler YUTA. Mack and Yehi would get the win but the bad blood between Wheeler and Fred Yehi wasn’t finished there. The two would literally go at each other’s throats setting up this match on New Year’s Eve. 

Tony Deppen vs Christan Casanova 

Heavy Lies The Crown

After winning the 2019 Tournament for Tomorrow over Richard Holliday Christan Casanova called out Tony Deppen for a match. Tony Deppen entered himself into the Discovery Gauntlet at the start of Uncharted Territory season 2 and would hold it down for a few weeks. He would have some more impressive Beyond matches including beating Spanish wrestler Carlos Romo. Tony Deppen has made himself the guy to wrestle in 2019 as more wrestlers have had their breakout match against him like the star-making performance of Alex Zayne at GCW’s Backyard show. Christan Casanova will be the next person looking to get a good match out of Deppen but don’t expect Deppen to lie down easily. 

Brandon Thurston vs Daniel Garcia


Daniel Garcia has been another breakout star of the Discovery Gauntlet when he would finish out the first season of Uncharted Territory holding the spot. He would go on to have great matches against John Silver and his match last week when the Buffalo Boys faced off against Legit Legends. As the match went on Garcia’s trainer Brandon Thurston would watch the match and after the Buffalo Boys got the L Thurston would berate the team. After Thurston finished his match Daniel Garcia would hit the ring and call out Brandon Thurston who has been nothing but abusive to the rest of the Buffalo Boys like in his match against Puf earlier this season. Garcia will be looking for revenge against another one of the most hated men in all of Beyond Wrestling.

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