Preview: Beyond – Uncharted Territory Thanksgiving Episode

Uncharted Territory

Back in the 80s and 90s territory wrestling thrived on running on Thanksgiving the tradition has since changed to more companies running the night before Thanksgiving or the weekend after. Until Beyond’s Uncharted Territory announced they would be running every single Thursday including Halloween, the day after Christmas and of course Thanksgiving. Beyond’s twitter account tweeted that running on Thanksgiving had always been a dream they’ve had an tonight they will see that dream to fruition. 


Uncharted Territory

Thanks to Survivor Series ten-person elimination match has always been a staple of Thanksgiving wrestling. Beyond will reprise this tradition when 5 of Beyond’s best will take on 5 of the best from all over Independent Wrestling. Beyond’s team will be lead Kris Statlander who is coming off making her AEW Dynamite debut the night before. She will be joined by her King of Trios partners Nerder Death Kill and Beyond’s tag team Aces Bear Country. A team that would be hard to beat in any wrestling company. To try and beat them Beyond has looked all over its promotions to put together one of the best 5 person team they possibly could. The current Independent Wrestling Champion WARHORSE will be joined by 1 Called Manders, Violence is Forever and Matthew Justice. All of these competitors have competed on Beyond before but they will be looking to defeat team Beyond on Thanksgiving. 

Danhausen Returns 

Danhausen made his spooky debut this Halloween teaming with Effy against team Pazuzu. He would later team with Pazuzu to take on the team of Anthony Greene and the Platinum Hunnies. After winning the match he would be attacked by Chuck O’Neil who would go on to beat both Pinkie Sanchez and Chris Dickinson in back to back weeks. Will Danhuasen be looking for revenge? Will he just be looking for his first solo win on Uncharted Territory? The only way to find out is to tune in to Uncharted Territory. 

Elimination match: Shook Crew vs Josh Briggs, Anthony Greene & Ava Everett

Uncharted Territory 

Shook Crew are regulars on in New England wrestling. They have certainly made a name for themselves in promotions like Blitzkrieg and Limitless.   However, they have yet to show up on Uncharted Territory. Joined by their goat friend they will be looking for a big win over three Beyond regulars and best friends; Josh Briggs, Anothony Greene and Ava Everett. While they may have friendship they have had a tough time putting together many wins as a trio. The newbies will take on the regulars on Thanksgiving night.  

Solo Darling vs Jody Threat 

It must have been hard to get wrestlers to leave their families to wrestle on Thanksgiving but one way of getting around that is by inviting Canadian wrestlers to the show. Jody Threat will be coming down from Ontario to have her second match on Uncharted Territory.  Despite losing to Leyla Hirsh on Halloween Jody Threat will return to take on Solo Darling. Solo has certainly made a name for herself during her run of Uncharted Territory. During season two she has been teaming up with her tag team partner Williow Nightingale. Tonight Solo Darling will return to wrestling solo to take on Jody Threat. 

Elimination match: Brandon Thurston, Puf, Kevin Blackwood & Megabyte Ronnie vs Gregory Irons, Atticus Cougar, JJ Garett & Eddy Only 

Uncharted Territory

If you like elimination tag team matches this Beyond show is for you as the third elimination match on the card will be a 4-on-4 battle of team Buffalo vs team Ohio. The veteran Gregory Irons will lead team Ohio with Atticus Cougar, JJ Garett, and Eddy Only as Team Ohio. They will be taking on Team Buffalo lead by the veteran Brandon Thurston with help from his former opponent Puf, Kevin Blackwood and Megabyte Ronnie. After what happened the last time Thurston and Puf were in a ring together it seems hard to picture Brandon Thurston leading any team with Puf on it. When it is to defend the honor of your home state this team might be able to put their differences aside. 

Discovery Gauntlet: Gary Jay (C) vs Arron Rourke  

Uncharted Territory

Just like how Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without canned cranberry sauce Beyond wouldn’t be Beyond without the Discovery Gauntlet. Gary Jay will be returning for his third week in a row and will be taking on Perfection Personified in Arron Rourke. The rules of the Discovery Gauntlet are simple, you’ve got to win it to stay in it. Only one of these men will be able to be around the first week of December.

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